4 Most Underrated Cities You Should Visit

If you are thinking about your next vacation or business trip, this post might be useful. If you are not looking for the unique impressions and exotic, go straight to Paris, London, or Dubai – the top-visited destinations in the world, according to Forbes. Be ready that these overpopulated places with millions of tourists will drive you nuts as soon as you arrive.

If you want to have a real rest and surprise your family or friends, we recommend paying attention to the cities listed below. There, you may find all types of resorts and sightseeings that you deserve!

Porto, Portugal

It is not a secret that Portugal is one of the top tourist destinations today. Unlike its neighbors, the country offers the ocean instead of the sea to swimming lovers. The country is full of beautiful landscapes and historical monuments.

However, most of the tourists head to its capital, Lisbon. They tend to choose the Mediterranean Sea for their beach rest. However, there is a smaller brother of Portugal’s capital that has been noticed recently — Porto. Its culture is completely different from the rest of the customs and traditions that one can explore in this country.

Perhaps, the major problem is that Porto used to struggle immensely under the last economic crisis. However, once it started to revive its resources and places of sightseeing, the touristic groups began to observe it more frequently. This city is known to be led by the new generation of dynamic and enthusiastic citizens. It is one of those cases when younger people move from the capital to another, smaller town.

The city is multi-colored, which reminds many tourists of Prague or Copenhagen. You should start your journey with the picturesque Ribeira. This district is located in the heart of Porto and grabs most of the attention. One will enjoy the banks of the Douro River – the place which may remind you of Italian Venice.

Those who love attending art galleries and museums can find some great places across the city. It is full of works of talented artists of different epochs. If you prefer swimming, there is plenty of beaches in Porto. However, you might also want to see the unforgettable Museu Serralves first. The local wine is recommended to taste.

Portuguese sounds pretty much like Spanish. Thus, if you know Spanish at some level, feel free to use it while communicating with the local population.

Detroit, the United States

Of course, most people who arrive at the United States head to New York or Los Angeles. Fallout fans start their trip by exploring Washington DC. However, not many tourists are interested in seeing Detroit. It is a famous city thanks to the “Kiss” band and the scandalous movie they starred along with young John Connor, “Detroit Rock City.” This city is recalled in many films and songs, including “Scary Movie 4,” where one of the characters admits that the city looks like it was already destroyed by some aliens.

Probably, the problem of this destination is that many tourists fear Detroit. They might have seen plenty of movies where the city is called the heart of criminal activity. In fact, if you pick a hotel next to the center and try to follow the basic safety rules, you will barely face any issues.

Another problem with this American city is that it used to file for bankruptcy with $18 million in debt. However, the situation took place in 2013. Now, the city is bouncing back. Detroit is armed to the teeth with a brand new streetcar, arena, which is the shelter for the Detroit Red Wings, and numerous improvements in the Midtown area. You should hurry up to check the older attractions of Detroit as some of them may be gone soon as places mentioned in this list.

Essaouira, Morocco

Those who watched “The Clone” might already know the basic facts about this country. The top visited cities of Morocco are Marrakech and Fez. People go there to feel the touch of this unique culture and see some historical places. Every country by the sea has its gem on the coast. In the case of Morocco, Essaouira plays this role. It has some historical views too, but, unlike with the first couple of options, tourists can have a good rest for their soul and body here. If you’re an essay writer, you’ll get inspired in Essaouira for your next stories for sure.

“Game of Throne” fans would definitely want to see the city. Essaouira was a set for the 3rd season. When talking about celebrities and their preferred places for leisure, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Jimi Hendrix has chosen Essaouira for one of his vacations, and he did not regret it. This town smells like a fine coffee or tea mixed with the local food and massage aromas. Some tourists may appreciate a kite-surfing opportunity. It is also possible to take a ride on the camel without leaving the beach!

Liverpool, the United Kingdom

Even though the legendary “Beatles” contributed to the development and popularity of this city as well as the world’s music fund, people today have lost interest in this place. Tourists from Asia and America prefer going straight to London when they come to Great Britain. It makes sense, especially if it’s your first time in the UK, but we highly recommend attending Liverpool.

Its population is less mixed than in London, and you can hear classical English dialect here. The local people are also very friendly. However, keep in mind that everything closes early here (compared to some other countries). Thus, make sure to check out how long the pub of your interest works. Do not forget to visit the famous Cavern Club to feel the spirit of rock’n’roll. Brush up on your Scouse before arriving!

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