Dead Space 2 Is The Survival Horror Game That You Need In Your Life

Dead Space 2 Is The Survival Horror Game That You Need In Your Life

Ever been torn apart by a monster? That’s the thought that is swirling around in your head near the end of Dead Space 2. While completing a hacking mini-game, you must slow down time before a creature tears apart your limbs with one of your weapons. If you are quick enough, you’ll open the door, which will allow your release just for the moment. Your encounter with terror isn’t over, which makes this game a constant intrigue from the moment that you pick up the sticks. 

Survival Horror

There are no deposit bonus codes that can save you from survival horror. This genre is built around the spaces that monsters inhabit, so facing a deadly beast is likely going to happen no matter what. As you navigate the space in the game, you have the ability to hack doors, repower solar panels, trigger security measures, or plain out slice the legs of the monster to slow it down. The actions are all a strategic ploy to stay alive throughout the game. The game’s design is to stop you from making it to the next point in space. 

Almost every game requires you to manipulate some type of objective. What sets survival horror apart from the rest is that it’s not just the haunting setting of the game, it’s the construction of the arenas that unsettles the player. It adds an element of fear to the game because at any moment something could jump out at you. Have you ever screamed in fear in your own living room? If you play this game, you might. 

Jump scares are when enemies appear out of nowhere and are only obvious in plain sight. These enemies are so discreet that it almost feels like mobile gamers are watching your every move. There’s also the use of slurping, the sound of biting, and clunking from various sources and secret passages. 

Gameplay Notes

Throughout the game, you will notice the different settings. One of the secret passages revealed a crypt underneath a small town’s community center. In the school section, you experience necromorphic babies contrast the beautiful school decor. This setting is a perfect example of how there always seems to be a lurking doom on the horizon. 

Issac Clarke, a ship engineer and our main character, must use the tools and weapons to fend off the necromorphs. The monsters move quickly and are sometimes a hard target to take down. While most adventure games try to improve your skills, this game is the mastery of survival. Players have to master their surroundings and acknowledge that doing whatever it takes to survive is the best option. 

In the end, this is a fun, spooky game that can be played anytime of the year. If you want to own an inexpensive thrill for the night, turn down the lights and play this game. Not only does it bring fun to the family, but it adds an extra element to the mix. Be sure to play the first Dead Space before you play the sequel, so you can gauge the full experience. 

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