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We reckon most of us are bummed with staying at home, with nothing more to do than (re)watch old series, new ones, play games, and mope about many of the current sports tournaments being canceled. While some of the aforementioned are surely entertaining for a while, we also need to recharge with the sun, go out and have social contacts and simply practice our day-to-day hobbies as well. Nonetheless, games can help to stay socially active, especially when playing competitive games such as FIFA. The latter is especially amusing when playing with friends online, and actually being able to talk to your opponent. Of course, some necessary trash talk cannot be prevented, but it’s all part of the game.

EA was so nice to give us the 2020 edition of FIFA, which scored rather high on our site. The game becomes increasingly more realistic with each iteration. The players become more and more like their real selves, and the actual gameplay mechanics feel like you’re actually playing soccer. It’s no longer a game you can play and get a 99-0 score like you could on FIFA 64 on the Nintendo 64. We love how the game improves itself every year and that the rosters are fully updated for the season to come. Sadly, this season will not be much of a proper representation as soccer matches around the world are being canceled due to the measurements taken against the COVID-19 virus. This means that those who enjoy watching soccer and even place a friendly wager or bet are left out in the cold.

This brings us to watching actual FIFA matches and perhaps even placing a bet on them, to have a bit of excitement during these somewhat dull and boring days. There are specialized sites you can find on the web that cater to players that handle bets responsively. Those looking to actually finalize a bet can check out professional sites such as, who actually follow FIFA matched that will be played in the near future. As always, we advise people to place their bets in moderation and keep things fun, healthy and above all exciting.

This once again brings us to the scenario of loot boxes in the recent series of FIFA games, or at least the cards you can purchase in order to strengthen your team. Many believe this is gambling, which is a bit dangerous for those that are not ripe of age to do so. If you truly want to place a bet, you should seek out the advised platforms to do so, and actually work with professionals. Adding stuff like this to the actual games always imposes a risk for children who have access to their parents’ payment details, or when parents link their consoles with their credit card or payment details.

All those rough sentiments aside. We hope that FIFA can replace a bit of your need for sports, or soccer in particular, and that games can offer some entertainment. Those wanting to experience the thrill of placing a friendly bet will have the proper platforms to do so, which is always a plus.

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