Game to be created in record time

Game to be created in record time

Kevin de Bruin and 14 of his classmates of the Hogeschool Rotterdam are taking Game design and Development as their minor and they are working on a couch co-op PC game called Fruity Smoothie.

You are probably thinking: ‘Big Whoop, so what?’ They are planning on doing it in just 13 weeks. That’s a really short time to create a game. It takes a longer time for a fetus to grow into a human baby.

The game has been tested on the Dutch Gaming Garden to test whether or not it was fun and the developers are confident they have a great idea.

Fruity Smoothie is all about finding the produce and using the tools to create a yummy smoothie. Do you and your friends have what it takes to create a drinkable concoction?

Find out moreĀ here.

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