Planet Zoo drops a big Easter Egg

Planet Zoo drops a big Easter Egg

Easter is coming up and normally this is accompanied by a big Easter Egg hunt. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everyone must remain inside and even the Easter Bunny must comply with the rules. Luckily Frontier is adding a little Easter Egg fun to Planet Zoo which was released on November 5, 2019. The Easter Eggs, or cheats, will include: ‘Balloon’, ‘Physics’, ‘Floof’ and ‘Hearts’ cheats. Below you can find the full instructions and some screenshots of the results. You can find our review right here.

Balloon cheat:

  • Every park visitor gains a balloon – Change guest name to “SelenaM” to activate
  • Every guest releases a balloon – Change guest name to “JayC” to activate

Physics cheat:

  • Apply forces to physics enrichment items by clicking (click a ball to bounce it) – Change animal name to “DaveBamber” to activate

Floof cheat:

  • Make animals super fluffy when you change name to “MeggieB”

Hearts cheat:

  • If you call any habitat animal “MontseC” all habitat animals will have the hearts when they perform their mating animation. If you call any habitat animal “MontseC” again, it will turn off for all animals
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