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LEGO Friends: Friends Are Forever (DVD) – Series Review

LEGO has been a very successful brand of both toys and movies, they just had one little problem: only boys were buying their items, because they are the target demographic and because most LEGO toys i... Read More »

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Home Release – Interstellar

After winning the Oscar for Best Special Effects at last nights Academy Awards, Interstellar will be released on Blu-ray™, DVD, Video on Demand and Digital Download on March 31st. Christopher Nolan&... Read More »


Dolphin Tale 2 (DVD) – Movie Review

Heartwarming stories about teenagers rescuing wounded animals have long been a staple of cinema, especially since the success of Free Willy. Dolphin Tale, released in 2011, was such a hit that it even... Read More »

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Home Release – Annabelle

The spooky doll from The Conjuring has returned in the spin-off / prequel Annabelle. In this supernatural horror film we meet John (Ward Horton) and Mia, (Annabelle Wallis), whose lives get disturbed ... Read More »