AP Grading complaints during surge in Pokémon cards popularity

AP Grading complaints during surge in Pokémon cards popularity

Many of you will know that Pokémon cards are very popular again, and some are worth a pretty penny. We have recently seen a lot of grading companies start their businesses, or promote it a lot more to jump on the bandwagon. A recent startup is gaining a lot of attention recently. This company is called AP Grading, and has been actively promoting their grading system, as well as giving out hefty discounts for people who send over a lot of their precious cards.

From this point onwards, we have received complaints where the company uses old tracking codes (of which we have screenshots) and we have also received numerous complaints of heavy delays and poor customer service. We have experienced the latter ourselves, where we simply get blocked when the company needs to provide us with information. That being said, we did get a bit of information out of them, which is mentioned below.

We have reached out to AP Grading, and they tell us it’s a software issue from DHL. When asking to provide us with proof to assure the customers, they started threatening us with legal actions and that we were blackmailing them. It even went further where the company started sharing the home addresses of its clients with us, which is highly illegal. When pressing on the matter that we simply needed a statement it was a software issue and that the clients could expect their packages, they immediately blocked us. When a client asked for proof, he also got blocked. When the client asked to remove personal information which they had been sharing, he got blocked on other platforms.

This is the official quote from AP Grading:

We called DHL and they tell us that they have a software problem with some tracking ID‘s. But all packages receives their owners.

We do hope that all packages are received by the owners, but we get the general gist of this. When asking for a bit of tangible proof for the DHL statement, as this would be an assurance for our readers and fellow collectors, we were met with a very cold shoulder. We would love to adjust the article accordingly, to clear up the so-called misunderstanding. We received the following reply:

we are trying to find a reasonable solution here, but we do not go in for blackmail. The customer’s package is on its way and will arrive in the next few days. As for your article, we will forward this matter to our legal department if the article is not immediately revoked, as it simply contains false accusations. You can then discuss everything else with our lawyer. Screenshots of the article and of corresponding posts on social media have already been made for this purpose.

The tracking of the customer, of who they shared personal data, still does not confirm the statement mentioned above. The company chooses to threaten with legal actions, rather than have this solved within mere minutes. We still have not received proof of the so-called software issues that have been apparently going on for some time. We have also reached out to DHL, who deny any semblance of suffering from software issues. Apparently asking for confirmation is blackmail and it’s clear the company wants to censor anyone asking for a resolution for complaints.

We will adjust the article accordingly and hope this matter still gets sorted.

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AP Grading complaints during surge in Pokémon cards popularity, 4.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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