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Bio: Paraphrasing activity: Perks and Downsides Phrase translating is the process of rewording a text, paragraph, passage, or document into a different language from the original. Often, the assigned task is to show authority in that given text, and to maintain complete uniqueness. When it comes to paraphrasing, the most common technique is summarizing the original content, then introducing the cited material. The: Part of the analysis Thesis statement Evidence or statement of the argument Alternatively, you can opt to synthesize the critical points from different sources, including journals, books, and government reports. The approach can result in: Improving Uniqueness Paraphrasing is a technique that involves the compounding of numerous words from various sources to sound distinct. The process includes reducing the instance of plagiarism. Besides, the discussed method can be applied during quality and preliminary editing. As a result, a credible paper will have a five-grade “A" grade. Improving Uniqueness Expert writers modify an already written text with various language phrases, forming phrases and phrases that enhance uniqueness. By doing so, the information communicated can be put across in a different language, making it easy for readers to comprehend. The writer can further break down the text, giving it a simple read. Enhanced Citation Even though authors intend to use peer-reviewed literature as a reference, it is often challenging to produce original content. The rules of plagiarism state that any publication ought to cite any external source used in the making of the paper. As a result, paraphrased content might be rejected by the instructor, which results in plagiarism. This can lead to accusations of plagiarism directed at a scholar or writer of the source. It is even worse when the copied content is used without giving due credit to the author. The following are techniques that can help you to overcome plagiarism issues: Write the Text Down Often, a person might be tempted to re-write a text without realizing it is plagiarized. Or if they just decide to recollect the information without giving it back, they may incite Chillingworthianism. If you observe the above procedure while paraphrasing, you can point out the commonly quoted passages without plagiarizing. The technique is useful in cases where the author has a great affinity for a particular text.