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Bio: It sounds cliché to buy a coffee mug, but it is a classic gift that fits any professor no matter what she teaches. A funny mug with a research quote looks great on any desk. A simple ceramic mug is a fine way to thank a professor for her support and guidance. As long as it holds coffee, just about any mug works. Bobblehead Doll Bobblehead dolls come in every form imaginable these days, so it's easy to find a doll of a prominent figure in your field of study. Whether it's Einstein, Shakespeare, Bach or Freud, a bobblehead doll of a well-known person is a fun way to thank your professors. Many students give cards or candies, but very few opt for the doll route. Be the first and show your professor how much he's appreciated. Gifts for professors are just like any other gift; the best ones are those that take the most thought. Your professors put a lot of effort into educating you, put a little effort into their gifts as well. Try one of these creative ideas or find one that fits your favorite professor.