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Bio: Objective Review: Top 3 "Super-best" Hitachi Vacuum Cleaners Must Try

Developed Japan is always famous for its diverse, modern and durable home care products. 
One of them is a vacuum cleaner with models that are rated as the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners in the world from the Hitachi brand.
Today's article will help you better understand the 4 most outstanding models of this device company.
Information about the Hitachi brand
Hitachi is a famous Japanese brand that was born in 1910. Its products are manufactured using advanced technology, modern lines and Green Standard - a standard of energy saving and safety for users.
Top 3 must-try Hitachi vacuum cleaners:
1. Hitachi CV-SH18 1800W 1.6L Vacuum Cleaner
CV-SH18 is the best-rated vacuum cleaner in Hitachi. The machine has the following advantages:
Has a HEPA filter along with Nano Titanium deodorizing technology to remove 99.99% of dirt, bacteria and radioactive substances harmful to health
Hitachi's exclusive dust compression technology. This technology helps to reduce the amount of dust entering the machine by 50% so that the machine can clean for a longer time without frequent dusting.
Dust indicator light included noticing when the dust container is full
Extremely strong suction thanks to Cyclonic technology
Equipped with 3 dust extraction heads for flexible cleaning: the floor nozzle helps clean large areas, the slot nozzle allows cleaning in areas Small slits, under the bed, under the cabinet and the nozzle has a brush to effectively vacuum carpets and curtains
On the downside, it is easy to see that Hitachi's CV-SH18 has a relatively large noise level when operating (about 78dB), the machine is heavy for those who are "short and light" and the price of this model is also higher than other models. other by Hitachi.
2. Hitachi Cv-Sh20v 2000W Vacuum Cleaner
This Hitachi's - one of Best Vacuum Cleaners has advantages such as: 
Has wheels for easy movement
The built-in dust capacity is about 1.6L, allowing to store a large amount of waste during the vacuuming process
7-step filtration system through HEPA filter, Nano Titanium deodorizing system helps to remove unpleasant odours
460W suction power. This is considered the largest capacity that a household vacuum cleaner can achieve, even equal to the capacity of an industrial vacuum cleaner.
Besides, the machine has the following limitations:
Loud noise, not suitable for homes with young children and the elderly
Heavy (about 4.9kg), if you need to move between floors, it will be a big disadvantage
High cost compared to similar machines, no liquid suction mode
3. Hitachi CV-950Y 2000W Vacuum Cleaner
As an industrial vacuum cleaner, the Hitachi CV-950Y is a good vacuum cleaner that is perfectly suitable for household vacuuming.
Large capacity dust box (18L) helps you not to disassemble for frequent cleaning as well as the machine can work for a long cycle without interruption to empty the dust
Powerful machine capacity, reaching 2000W along with a large dust box makes it easy to "handle" large areas such as large apartments, restaurants, companies...
There are 2 flexible blowing and suction modes to optimize cleaning
Anti-allergy filter, a mechanism to remove odours during vacuuming
Modern design, eye-catching
Disadvantage: loud noise and very heavyweight (6.3kg)
There are many good vacuums on the market today, consider Hitachi's vacuum cleaner if you are looking for top 10 vacuum cleaners for house cleaning.