God of War (PC) – Review
Follow Genre: Action/adventure, Hack n Slash
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: PlayStation PC LLC
Platforms: PS4, PS5, PC
Tested on: PC

God of War (PC) – Review

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Back in 2018, we gave God of War, which was then a PS4 exclusive, a near-perfect score. As a whole, we found the game an amazing cinematic experience, and we reckon it generated a lot of extra income for Sony. Now, however, Sony is also expanding its market by porting some of its exclusive games to PC as well. Thanks to this, gamers without a console can now also experience some of Sony’s best IPs. With a solid 60 FPS, we experienced the epic story of God of War once more, albeit on PC. Those looking for an in-depth review for God of War can find one by clicking here, as we’ll only be diving into the relevancy and quality of the PC port.

The PC port of God of War is essentially the same game that was released on PS4 in 2018. We get to play through the same story, which mainly revolves around Kratos and his son Atreus, trying to bring Atreus’ mother to her final resting place. Knowing the God of War universe, Kratos soon finds himself battling celestial and godly beings, thus you’ll have to hack and slash your way through many different monsters and strong enemies. This installment of the God of War series has a lot more customization options and a lot more meat on its bones than the older PS2 and PS3 games. As a whole, this game is an excellent starting point for those wanting to try out the series. You can easily pick up on the story, even if you know nothing about this series. Graphically the game hasn’t received a significant update, but it now runs at a smooth 60 FPS, which already makes a big difference.

Even though God of War is a very meaty game, as it offers more than twenty hours of content, it’s basically still the same experience as the PS4 version. There is no added content, there are no special items added to the mix, it’s just the slightly more stable version of the original game we saw in 2018. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. We just expected something more, or perhaps a lower price tag, as those who own the PS4 version will not have that much to return to. Of course, it’s convenient that you can just play the game on your PC whenever you want, but there’s no extra incentive to play through the game a second time. That being said, IF you are looking for a second playthrough, the PC version does feel a lot smoother. This overall negative remark aside, the game is still very much worth its price tag, especially if you haven’t played it yet. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to play this game on our gaming rig now, while not having to bust out the PS4 to be able to play the ‘old’ version.


Even though God of War may have lost its status as a PlayStation exclusive with its PC release, we firmly believe that delving into this new market is a great step for the franchise. This way Sony introduces some of its massive IPs to more gamers, who will eventually grow attached to these iconic characters as well. Even though we were somewhat disappointed that the PC version didn’t come with any new content, we loved the smoother framerate, as well as the fact that even slightly older PCs could still run the game. Boy, we can’t wait until the next installment in the series releases.

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God of War (PC) - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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