I take CBD while playing games. My thoughts after one week.

I take CBD while playing games. My thoughts after one week.

A week ago I started using CBD. I was skeptical at first – the idea of this ‘cure-all’ seemed too good to be true. But after this first week, I can say that the results of CBD usage are promising, though it might take more time to get a full feel of its effects.

If you haven’t heard of CBD or cannabidiol, it’s essentially a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Though it comes from ‘cannabis,’ this is not the same thing as marijuana, and it won’t get you high. CBD is typically extracted as a side product of industrial hemp processing, so it usually doesn’t even come from marijuana plants.

Though CBD is present in marijuana, the compound THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is what’s responsible for the high. And by law, CBD products in the United States are not allowed to contain more than 0.2% THC by weight.

Many people take CBD as a supplement. It’s known for being used to combat things like anxiety, depression, and pain. But beyond that, CBD has also been suggested as a possible treatment for things like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

But with so many people making claims about this and that, could any of it be true?

I wasn’t sure at first, so I did some research. It turns out that CBD has been approved as a drug to treat seizures brought on by certain kinds of epilepsy. 

Though many articles about CBD mention that research hasn’t exactly proven all of its alleged benefits, they do say that it’s promising. These initial results plus the many people raving about it online was enough for me to try it out. 

My week typically consists of work, school, and online gaming. With winter break coming to an end, and my late-night gaming coming to an end, I needed to fix my sleep schedule and get back on track for the upcoming semester. So I figured CBD could help me about a bit.

Here are the things I wanted to track: sleep, pain, and my overall mood. I began my journey with CBD with the hopes of (1) getting better sleep, (2) alleviating bodily aches, and (3) feeling less down and irritated. 

CBD is known for having very few side effects, so I figured it didn’t pose much of a threat. It was really only going to benefit me or do nothing at all. But for other people, if you’re using it to treat something more serious, I’d suggest talking to a doctor first. 

I didn’t. But I did read through a lot of the literature and other first-hand accounts of CBD usage. Since I was looking for more holistic results, I decided on a CBD oil. 

CBD products come in all kinds of forms. Even when just considering CBD oil, there is a large variety to choose from. According to CBD Kyro, oils come in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate, phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR), and infused.

I went online and purchased a bottle of Spruce CBD oil. I settled on their 750 mg lab-grade CBD oil, which even tasted like peppermint. It has over 200 reviews and is rated at around 4.8/5. 

According to Cool Things Chicago, Spruce’s products are great for people who suffer from insomnia, aches and pains, and anxiety and depression. It sounded like exactly what I needed. 

Spruce’s CBD oil is full-spectrum, meaning that it contains multiple types of cannabinoids (the chemical class that includes CBD), which have various other properties.

The 750 mg product comes in a 1 mL volume, being Spruce’s moderate strength option. Since I was doing a one-time purchase, the cost for the bottle was $89 (before shipping and handling), which is more expensive than most CBD products on the market. But for the quality, it seemed worth it.

I decided to take 50 mg per day, in two doses. For Spruce’s product, one dropper (1 mL) contains 25 mg. I took one dose with breakfast and another with dinner. 

While some people take up to 250 mg per day, I figured that since I’m new to CBD, 50 mg would be enough. It also helped that 25 mg could be easily measured out and that 50 mg per day would ensure that the 750 mg bottle lasted me the week. 

I consumed each drop sublingually. This means that I placed the dose under my tongue and held it there for about a minute. This is suggested for people who want to feel the effects more quickly since it reaches the bloodstream faster. 

Some people prefer to take-in CBD in other ways, especially if they don’t like the taste. But since Spruce was peppermint flavored, it didn’t seem so bad. 

I didn’t notice too much the first day, but by the third, it seemed like I was more focused and less anxious. I online game every night for at least a couple of hours with my friends, and this is where I noticed a lot of the effects.

Since I spend a lot of my day typing and writing and a lot of my nights with one hand on a mouse and the other on my keyboard, my hands start to ache after a long night of gaming. But by the third night, I didn’t feel the need to take as many breaks between games.

Sometimes while gaming I can also get frustrated pretty quick. My mood typically depends on the night, but during the latter half of the week, I felt a lot more level-headed overall. 

Though I’d probably need to test it out for a few more weeks, it seemed like I could play longer and better with my team. After a few hours of gaming, my friends and I sometimes end up at each other’s throats, but last week I felt like I could keep my cool a lot better and without having to try that hard.

I usually don’t feel comfortable playing with anyone but my usual group of friends. It makes me nervous, having to navigate around other players and learn again how to work as a team. And if you’ve ever played an online game, you probably know that gaming culture is known for being toxic

But I ended up playing a couple of games with some randoms, and it didn’t feel too bad. Though I still had some reservations, I felt a bit more comfortable going into it. 

Because I can get a bit carried away during the games, in the last month I started sleeping at 4 A.M. and waking up past noon. When I had tried sleeping earlier, I just ended up staring at the ceiling for hours at a time, unable to fall asleep. But after taking CBD, I fell asleep a lot faster, and when I woke up, I felt more well-rested. 

So as a whole, I felt good after taking CBD oil. But I still have questions. 

Was it really the CBD or was it just in my head? 

Though my experience with CBD resulted in similar effects reported by many others, I wonder if it was really the CBD. It probably was, but one week isn’t going to be enough to convince me.

It may be the case that what I really experienced was the placebo effect. Or perhaps CBD really did help me. Studies have shown mixed results, but this may also be due to the fact that many common problems people have can be attributed to a variety of causes – some of which might not be influenced by CBD.

But I can report that I did not have any negative experiences with CBD. However, it may also be the case that I wasn’t taking a high enough dosage to feel and side effects. After all, CBD interacts with everyone’s bodies differently, and this can also be heavily influenced by how you consume CBD as well as how much.

After this small experiment, I plan on documenting my continued CBD use over the next few weeks. There’s a lot to be explored within the world of CBD including different products, different dosages, and different consumption methods. 

Though one week wasn’t enough for me to know for sure whether or not I’ll end up replacing typical over-the-counter drugs with CBD, I’m definitely going to continue using it to see what happens.

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