Chivalry 2


Chivalry 2’s Reclamation update arrives today

Prepare for epic battles and medieval chaos as the Chivalry 2: Reclamation update, developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Presents, is now available on all supported platforms. Thi... Read More »


The House Aberfell update arrives for Chivalry 2 today!

Tripwire Presents, Torn Banner Studios, and Deep Silver are bringing a brand new update to Chivalry 2 today! The so-called House Aberfell update introduces a brand new 64 player Team Objective map, ca... Read More »


Chivalry 2 – Review

In the day and age where warfare is all about attacking your opponent from a distance, either by remote-controlled vehicles or with highly powered rifles, one might forget how battles were fought in t... Read More »

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Chivalry 2 promises to grow to at least double its size

Chivalry 2 is now available for the PC and the last two generations of Xbox and Playstation consoles. According to the developer, the current game is only a solid base though. A base that offers groun... Read More »