10mg – A collection of 10 short indie games

10mg – A collection of 10 short indie games

10mg is a collection of 10 indie titles; short games that could be completed in around 10 minutes each. The bundle will be available from the 15th of October via Steam.

This bundle celebrates small, weird, and short video games; stimulating game developers to work on different kinds of games. These types of unconventional games might be easily overlooked in an overwhelming supply of regular games copying popular concepts, and that’s why these short games are conveniently bundled together; to offer gamers a whole range of experiences in one handy package. Small games like these allow developers to experiment freely, and to explore new concepts for their games.

This series of tiny games are based on well-known classics, each with a unique twist and connected to each other. Race cars, hit golf balls, uncover mines, and more in this collection of experimental action and puzzle games.

Visit the official website of 10mg, or visit the 10mg steam page for more information!

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10mg - A collection of 10 short indie games, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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