2 Broke Girls: Season 4 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Episodes: 22
Duration: 22 min (per episode)

2 Broke Girls: Season 4 (DVD) – Series Review

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Good: Good variation of smaller events, two main storylines, some pretty hilarious moments
Bad: Predictable narrative in general, overworked jokes, performance isn't steady
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The third season of 2 Broke Girls showed two broke waitresses, Max and Caroline, struggling to keep up with their ever-increasing debt while juggling with love interests. Combined, their creativity certainly saw new heights when they finally open a cupcake shop dubbed Max’s Homemade Cupcakes. Season 4 continues with both girls struggling to stay afloat until life seems to smile upon them. Or so they thought.

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Even if you have never watched the previous seasons of 2 Broke Girls, the show is easy enough to understand as they explain the characters each and every time via snarky remarks. For those not familiar with the series at all, here’s a little history of the main characters. Max Black (Kat Dennings) is your average girl who grew bitter of life due to a troubled childhood where her mother preferred to abandon her for guys and booze. Most of the snarky remarks found in the show are being growled by Max. Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) is the complete opposite of Max. She’s a naive girl, brought up in a well-known and wealthy family. Her life could not be more relaxed, until her fortune was taken away from her when her father got arrested for fraud. She had found a friend in Max when she was in an all-time low, and now the duo are best friends in the most unusual way.

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Each episode shows another day in the life of this duo but season 4 has two “big” storylines from start to finish. The first one being the wedding of Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) and Oleg (Jonathan Kite) and all the little dramas that comes with it, such as Max and Caroline being bridesmaids. The second is the failure of Max’s Homemade Cupcakes and the creative ideas the girls come up with to save this tiny business, such as agreeing to shoot an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the cupcake shop. This story gets ditched quite fast as Max becomes the head pastry chef of a new fancy dessert bar, The High and Caroline joins the team as the “manager”. Through these events, the girls continue their job as a waitress at the diner, where most of the hilarious situations unfold – including a love interest for Max that ends up being far too young.

These smaller situations bring enough variation in the plot but the narrative is fairly predictable and a tad boring. The humor is the show’s strongest feature, and that is most likely why you would watch it, but the humor displayed is over-the-top, juvenile and dry. In fact, if you like the witty remarks from The Big Bang Theory, you’d dislike the too-far-fetched sexual tinted jokes in 2 Broke Girls although the show tried to provide some geeky-themed reference to Ask Jeeves and World of Warcraft. The latter one certainly made me chuckle.

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The acting performance tends to fluctuate a lot, depending on the episode. Kat Dennings, who portrays Max, often puts down a somewhat decent performance being the bitter bully. Beth Behrs, who portrays Caroline, on the other hand puts down a forced performance – although she plays the naive snobby part quite well. The level of performance isn’t steady throughout the entire season, and this causes for certain episodes to be absolute bonkers while others are a complete waste.

Time to shed some light on the other actors. Jennifer Coolidge who portrays Sophie Kachinsky performs amazingly well and may be more loveable than the two main characters. Her soon-to-be counterpart Oleg, played by Jonathan Kite, may as well be on the same list performance-wise. None of these can match the easy-going high-as-a-kite character Earl, portrayed by Garrett Morris. His performance is the best by far. Of course, we must not forget Matthew Moy who portrays Han Lee, the owner of the diner, as he puts down a performance in the likes of Kat Dennings.

The box set offers a couple of extra features like the gag reel, which tends to be funnier than the entire series, and deleted scenes. Like always, these extra’s are a nice addition and can extend the view time with 11 more minutes.

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The fourth season of 2 Broke Girls is overall a great successor and although it is often predictable, the show is good enough if you are seeking a few quick laughs after a hard day. That is if the over-the-top sexual-tinted humor, such as Caroline giving birth to a fish, suits you. All-in-all, 2 Broke Girls is easy to jump into at any given time and season 4 is a great season to start with if you want a quick laugh without any of the overly complicated plots but that is also truly all there is to the series.

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2 Broke Girls: Season 4 (DVD) - Series Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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