20XX – Review
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Developer: Batterystaple Games
Publisher: Batterystaple Games
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Tested on: Switch

20XX – Review

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It has already been since 2016 since we last encountered 20XX, a clear homage to the older Mega Man games. Back then the game was still in Early Access, but now it has bombarded its way onto all major console platforms, paving the way for many fans of the original Mega Man games to try their hand at this Roguelite interpretation of said titles. We were eager to try out this game on the Nintendo Switch, as Nintendo is the company where it all started for the Mega Man series, hoping we could enjoy a thorough trip down memory lane. We charged our blasters, tucked in our robotic suits and we were ready for some side-scrolling action.


The story is pretty simple, as you follow either Nina or Ace, both robots, that are designed to make the Earth a safe place again by destroying all the rampant robots that are littered around the surface. You can easily play this game without any premises at all, but at least there’s something tangible, making the game somewhat more pleasant and intriguing, motivating you to press forward.


As mentioned in the preview, the game has a bit of a Flash feel to it, because of the somewhat plain way of coloring all the things in the game. Nonetheless the game does look good, and very attractive from a retro perspective. You’ll be treated to a very bright Mega Man clone, which is a bit different, but at the same time isn’t. It’s clear that the developers of this title pretty much copy pasted the old Mega Man games, updated the graphics, altered some models, and slapped some of their own influences on the title. While this may sound a bit negative, we can’t be happier that this project came to fruition, because this is what a next gen Mega Man should look like. Overall you’ll have an authentic Mega Man look and feel, but at the same time you’ll be experiencing something brand new.


20XX has an upbeat soundtrack, which also incorporated retro elements from games such as, very unexpectedly, Mega Man. You can enjoy fairly fast tunes, albeit not always that noticeable when actually having to focus on the gameplay. The sound effects are on point, and are also reminiscent of the good old days, where every attack was fine-tuned into something very recognizable, making it once again easier to recognize certain foes.


20XX is a 2D Arcade Platformer, with Roguelite elements, all while being a clear homage to the Mega Man games from a nearly forgotten age. You’ll mainly be blasting and slashing your way through many different levels, all while gathering upgrades, killing bosses, and trying to get as far as possible in a randomized order of levels and bosses. Unlike the original build, you’ll now have different difficulty options, more daily challenges and other fun content to explore, making this game a lot more expansive than you’d initially think.

The longer you survive in this game, the stronger you’ll become, as you’ll pick up new powers along the way and passive upgrades. Of course, the further you progress, the harder things will become, so it all balances out your newfound powers, making the game fairly balanced. Practice makes perfect, as you’ll clearly learn how to play better, what attack patterns certain enemies have, and how to handle yourself in specific situations. You’ll also be rewarded with Soul Chips, which can be traded in after you die, to unlock new spawns during runs, or to unlock permanent upgrades such as supply drops, health and energy increases and so on. Overall, the game properly motivates you to keep on playing, making it an overall fun experience.

The bosses and enemies are all similar to the older Mega Man games, which means that you can learn their patterns and actually can learn how to prevent getting hit. If you get the hang of the simple controls, you can easily start mastering this title, making sure you can ‘top’ your game and improve during each run. Of course, because of the randomness of the runs, it’s possible that you don’t make progress every single time, but you’ll clearly see an increase in skill after a while. It’s also fun that the game allows for multiplayer play, which is certainly fun if you want to have a friend over to join you in your robotic crusade. The camera is sometimes a bit wonky, as it can zoom out a lot at certain times, so staying close is certainly key.


20XX is a fun and interesting vision of what a modernized Mega Man with Roguelite influences could be. We could go even further and state that this is how Mighty No 9 could have turned out, instead of the cluttered mess that game ended up being. Overall you’ll be treated to a bright and vibrant game that allows many hours of fun, be it solo or with a friend. If you eventually get bored with the main runs, there is also a decent amount of online content to explore. If you’re looking to wash away the bad aftertaste of Mighty No 9 or you simply want something that is as qualitative as many older Mega Man (X) titles, then 20XX could just be the game for you.

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20XX - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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