30 years later, ‘90s classic Secret Agent returns with surprise remaster, out NOW

30 years later, ‘90s classic Secret Agent returns with surprise remaster, out NOW

Secret Agent HD, a remaster of the revered ‘90s puzzle-platformer, launches today on Steam and GOG.com with a surprise reveal from industry pioneers Apogee Entertainment with support from Emberheart Games. This definitive release for PC and Linux boasts an arsenal of new features, a level editor with Steam Workshop support, and a new episode with 16 never-before-played missions.

Secret Agent HD remasters the original three episodes of Secret Agent for modern resolutions and marks the world premiere of Secret Agent Episode 4, a brand-new collection of missions starring Agent 006.

Some of you weren’t yet born when Secret Agent graced floppy disk drives, so let’s rewind.

One of the earliest releases from Apogee Software, the original indie game publisher of beloved titles like Max Payne, Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, and Prey, Secret Agent cast players as Agent 006, a wholly original spy with a penchant for saving the world. In this 2D adventure, 006 must prevent a global catastrophe by parachuting into a high-security island to retrieve top-secret superweapon plans from the Diabolical Villain Society (DVS). At every turn, 006 must avoid perilous traps, sleuth his way through dastardly puzzles, and sneak past the DVS.

Like Commander Keen and Kingdom of Kroz before it, Secret Agent and its three installments helped pioneer episodic video game releases. But games have come so far since 1992. You can now play a whole game in one package!

Secret Agent HD offers updated visuals across all three original episodes, a brand-new original soundtrack, and 16 never-before-played missions in Secret Agent Episode 4, exclusive to this remaster. Challenge friends with custom levels using the built-in level editor and Steam Workshop integration. Claim retro street cred with full leaderboard support. Hear a brand-new original soundtrack, test your mettle against seven new enemies, find a new secret level, wield fresh power-ups, and more.

Secret Agent HD stealth-drops onto Steam and GOG.com for PC and Linux today. To see what Apogee’s up to next, follow the legendary studio on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord, and get weekly updates from the Duke himself.

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