30XX – Preview
Follow Genre: Action, Platformer,
Developer: Batterystaple Games
Publisher: Batterystaple Games
Platform: PC, Consoles TBA
Tested on: PC

30XX – Preview

Good: Concept, Tight mechanics and controls
Bad: Still too soon to properly determine
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It’s been a while since we had our encounter(s) with the different versions of 20XX. The game proved to be a great homage to Mega Man, albeit with a roguelite coating. Not only the procedurally generated levels that made every rune different were enjoyable, making every run different, but the multiplayer functionalities also added another layer to the already exciting and fast-paced gameplay. Now, we get to experience the early build of 30XX, the next game in the series. While a lot is the same, changes were made to the original model of 20XX.

Immediately upon booting up the game, we noticed that the graphical style of the game had changed significantly. 20XX had a somewhat flash-like graphical style, with very bright colors and smooth(er) edges. 30XX, however, is going back to basics with a more rugged, yet very detailed, pixelated style. While there’s not really a reason to call one better than the other, we feel, even though this game is set in the future, that we are somewhat taking a step back. This might be a personal opinion, but it feels like the graphical styles should have been reversed. Nonetheless, this is just us nitpicking.

Just like its predecessor, 30XX is a solid platformer with roguelite elements. These elements can be turned off, as we’ll discuss below. That being said, the game has very tight and responsive controls, and while playing with a keyboard is certainly very doable, we advise playing with a controller. You’ll have a fairly simple button layout, where, after defeating a few bosses, you can also use different weapons to make the upcoming levels easier. 30XX also has two characters, one being the typical ranged Mega Man clone, the other being a Zero clone, that is close-ranged. This does make the game feel quite different if you decide to swap characters for a different palette to play through.

The augment system has slightly changed, with you being able to swap things around. This makes it a tad more enjoyable for those who found it hard to replace parts during their run(s). Also important is the addition of a ‘softcore’ feature where you do not lose your progress upon death. This is nice for those who sadly do not have the time to master all the ins and outs of a game such as this, and thus enjoy it at a leisurely pace. This is mainly nice to see what kind of powerful character they can build by stacking up augments they would otherwise lose upon dying.

A fun inclusion in the 30XX package is the ability to create your own levels and then upload them. If you are just messing around offline, you will not need an additional account to do so. If you want to publish your levels, you have to register for the (free) service. Overall it’s a nice extra for those into this type of thing, but many adopters of the game will probably not buy the game for this reason.


While not always hitting the proper notes, 30XX looks like a very promising game when it’s fully completed. There are some rough edges to be found in the current build but it already plays like a fairly well-polished experience in terms of gameplay. We did love the visuals of the previous game a tad more, as they were a bit brighter and less rugged. Nonetheless, the current package is still a nice homage to the Mega Man series. We are curious to see how this game turns out when it is completely finished.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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30XX - Preview, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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