Cities: Skylines expansion announced

Cities: Skylines expansion announced

The first expansion to Cities: Skylines, the best-selling city builder from Colossal Order, has been announced at Gamescom today by Paradox Interactive. The new expansion, entitled “After Dark” will bring new features that include new specialised areas, new city services and options, new transportation systems, and lots of new chirps for the world’s favourite game character. Furthermore, “After Dark” will augment new graphical enhancements and citizen behaviour to Cities: Skylines with its central feature: a day and night cycle.

“After Dark” sees in-game cities behaving differently during the day and night, where leisure-focused commercial areas will become popular nightspots, and during the day, beachfront properties will do big business. For citizens not abiding by the rules, the addition of prisons will see them right, whilst new taxi mechanics can ensure that night-time revellers can get around efficiently and safely.

Other features that “After Dark” will include are:

  • Leisure and Luxury: Nightclubs, restaurants, bowling alleys and other new leisure areas become more active at night.
  • Service with a Smile: New city services will transport criminals from police stations to prisons, and international airports will allow for the expansion of industry and tourism.
  • Surf and Turf: Shoreline commercial areas can specialise in new beach properties, such as fishing tours, marinas and beach bars.
  • We Get Around: Taxi services can help citizens and tourists travel around the city, while new dedicated bus and cycle lanes encourage safe, alternative transportation.

“After Dark” will be available for Cities: Skylines on PC, Mac and Linux in 2015. For more information, visit: and check out the trailer below.

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