4 Reasons to Return to Destiny 2

4 Reasons to Return to Destiny 2

We’ve had access to Destiny 2 (available on PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5) for more than four years at this point, and the majority of us have spent plenty of hours enjoying this gaming phenomenon. Of course, four years is a long time to stick with a single game, so it stands to reason that plenty of players will have moved onto other things since the game was released. 

If you fall into that category of players, it’s possible that you’ve been out of touch for some time, and you’re only now considering returning to the fold. The question is: is it worth coming back to Destiny 2? 

If you’re feeling a little intimidated, you’re surely not alone. Destiny 2 has experienced a multitude of changes over those four years, numerous expansion packs and content drops, and the game you played before is not exactly as it once was – that much is certain. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth booting up Destiny 2 again. In fact, there are plenty of reasons that you might consider doing this. 

Below, we’ll run through the major reasons that players should consider increasing their Destiny 2 Power Level as soon as possible – and why an account recovery service might be a fine accompaniment for the occasion. 

1. No Cost, No Risk

If you’ve cast out Destiny 2 in the past, it’s possible that you’re without a working copy – and that’s surely a disaster if you’re looking to play it again, right? After all, who wants to purchase a game twice? Nobody!

However, prospective guardians needn’t worry about that. Back in October 2019, Destiny 2: New Light launched, and alongside it, the game went free to play. This had a restorative impact on the game’s player base, as many people who hadn’t played D2 previously gave the game a chance. 

Now, the game remains free for new and returning players. If you’ve been itching to pick up the game for a few dungeon runs or raids, you’re in luck. 

Another significant advantage of returning to Destiny 2 is that you can get back to where you were before you stopped, even if you’re playing on a different platform. That’s all thanks to the cross-save functionality that Bungie has implemented with the game. 

The bottom line here is that there’s no way for a returning player to really get burned when they come back. 

2. More Cohesive Narrative

Something that Destiny 2 was panned for in the past was the way it left narrative threads loose and unresolved – a major annoyance for those of us who pay close attention to the story. 

We’re glad to report that this isn’t a concern any longer. The narrative phases are skillfully connected from one season to the next – always leaving players wanting more. 

Right now, players are enjoying Season 15 – Season of the Lost – and the critical reaction has been nothing short of fantastic. We’ll refrain from speaking about any of the twists or turns in detail, but rest assured, you’ll enjoy what the game has to offer from a narrative perspective. 

Season of the Lost is a wonderful time to get back into Destiny 2, as anticipation builds for next year’s major expansion, The Witch Queen. Given the quality that we’ve experienced over the last few seasons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that expectations are sky-high for this upcoming chapter.

3. The Peak Endgame Experience

A live service game like Destiny 2 will live or die on the quality of its endgame. As such, it’s of huge encouragement that Bungie has taken measures to add to and refine the quality of the Destiny 2 endgame experience. 

For one, the endgame content is more easily reachable for newer and returning players, and once they get to that point, they’ll find that the rewards are more than worthwhile. You can earn some fantastic weapons in every Nightfall, Raid, and Dungeon outing – and these rewards make overcoming the challenges present very much worthwhile.

While it’s true that the best rewards (see: pinnacle gear) are earned through the most difficult challenges – think Trials of Osiris and raids – that shouldn’t be too off-putting. A Destiny 2 carry service can always fast-track you to the most competitive gear. 

Paid carries are an excellent resource for players that want to play competitively, but don’t have the time or energy to dedicate themselves to getting the high-end gear. 

4. Expansive Content

As previously mentioned, the quality of the endgame experience and the narrative is obviously of major importance for a game like Destiny 2 – but quality alone isn’t enough. 

If you’re going to keep players interested in your game, you need to feed them enough content – and Destiny 2 excels in this way. There’s plenty to choose from, with some players preferring to spend their time in the Tangled Shore or the Dreaming City, while others are exploring Earth’s Moon. Locations are plentiful, and they’ve managed to add to the game without it becoming a bloated mess. This is largely thanks to Destiny 2’s Content Vault. 

Now, the considerable volume of content does mean that you might struggle to keep up with everything available to you. Again, this is a situation where a D2 recovery service might come in handy – helping you to fulfill your in-game goals. By using a Destiny 2 boosting service, you’re ensuring that you get to reap the benefits of everything the game has to offer. 

Destiny 2: Worth a Return?

If you find yourself wondering whether to return to Destiny 2, you probably know by now that it’s definitely worth a shot. 

For players that loved the game but moved on to other things, there’s more content than ever before, and it’s better than ever. Even if you think you might not be able to dedicate lots of your free time, a Destiny 2 carry service is going to give you the resources and weaponry required to play at the most competitive levels.

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