5 Second Rule Uncensored – Board Game Review
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Players: 3+
Age: 18+
Duration: +- 20 minutes
Distributor: MEGABLEU

5 Second Rule Uncensored – Board Game Review

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There have been a few iterations of the 5 Second Rule game, and now it seems that we are getting treated to an even naughtier version of this game. 5 Second Rule is actually a very simple game, as you merely have to give three answers that are related to the question you were given, but you’ll have to do so within five seconds. We have had some fun encounters with the original game a few years ago, and we were quite curious to see how the Uncensored version would turn out to be. As a whole, we quite enjoyed ourselves with this adult take on 5 Second Rule.


  • Rules
  • 5 seconds timer
  • 150 double-sided question cards
  • Cardholder

The contents of the box are quite simple. You’ll get clean and compact cards that clearly show a question on each side, and these cards come with a sturdy little cardholder. Other than that, you’ll get a plastic spiral timer where small metal balls will roll down a spiral path within the course of five seconds. There is not a lot to say about the contents of this package, except for the fact that everything is of decent quality.


The mechanics and rules of 5 Second Rule Uncensored are very straightforward and you’ll be good to go after a minute or two. The game is quite easy, and it’s advised to be played with a minimum of three players. In the case of playing the game with three people, you’ll have one person reading a question from one of the cards, one person trying to give three answers within five seconds, and one player on standby. After each question, you just follow a rotation system, and that’s basically all there is to the game. Other than that, you basically choose what you want to do. You can just play the game to get a few laughs out of it, or you can even keep a score, but it doesn’t really matter that much here.

Luck or Strategy?

5 Second Rule Uncensored has absolutely no strategic components, and luck is not really required here either. Of course, some questions may be easier to answer in the course of five seconds than others. Nonetheless, the game is so low stakes that it’s purely intended to see your friends’ reactions when they are put on the spot and are ‘forced’ to answer in such a short time period.


Even though the questions included in the Uncensored version of 5 Second Rule are intended for an adult audience, the game proves to be a safe bet during a board game evening as it’s easy to get into and it’s just simple fun. The game is best enjoyed in short bursts in-between longer and more serious games, as playing it for too long may cause the novelty to wear off. As a whole, 5 Second Rule Uncensored is a game that everyone can play – if they appreciate a bit of adult humor.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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5 Second Rule Uncensored - Board Game Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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