6 Expert Tips for COD Warzone You Need to Know to Survive

Many people love COD Warzone, but not all of them are familiar with different tips that can help you stand out in the crowd. Now, sure, a lot of thighs you’ll be able to learn as you progress, but if you want to avoid dependence on the learning curve and jump right into it, there are a lot of experts out there willing to share their gained knowledge in order to help you out with that.

In this article, we are going to talk about six expert tips for COD Warzone that are going to make your gaming experience way more enjoyable, so, keep on reading in order to find out.

1.  Make Sure That You Check the Map Before You Drop

The key variable at the start of the match is definitely your choice of the landing zone. As experts on Warzone hacks explain, utilizing game hacks can be a powerful strategy to pinpoint every place of interest hence gaining an enormous advantage by doing so. Opting for hacks brings up a plethora of opportunities that are going to boost your gaming experience to a whole new level.

On the other hand, you can always do it the old-fashioned way. The moment you see the cutscene of the cargo plane that is starting up, you should bring up the map screen for your battle royale match. By doing this, you will see where the shrinking gas circle will start. This will help you gain a sense of where people are more likely to land, as well as for where you will have to aim for as it approaches.

As your confidence grows, it is important that you can tailor your tactics on this front. Go more remote in order to get some solid equipment if you don’t fancy yourself in chaotic gunfights. What you can also do is go for the “trial by fire” approach and train yourself in the fighting. The way to do so is by seeking out crowded areas.

2.  Do Not Hoard Your Cash

As you play Warzone, you will collect money while you run around and earn more completing contracts. In some matches, you will hardly find any, but in many others, you will be swimming in stuff soon enough. Just be sure not to sit on your cash for too long.

There is no bonus for collecting cash if you play in battle royale mode, so it is actually only there for you to use at the Buy Stations marked on your map. These let you buy more armor plating and loadout drops, as well as a selection of kill streaks like Cluster Strikes and UAVs. Be proactive in buying these rewards, since you can’t take the money with you.

If your teammates are dying a lot, you should keep around $4,000 to buy them back in, if they fail to win their redemptive Gulag fight.

3.  Pick Up Contracts Whenever You Can

If the loadout drop price tag of $10,000 daunts you, there are some great ways that can help you earn cash and loot as you move around on the map. They are contracts. These are actually marked out for you and fall into five types: Supply Rum, Recon, Scavenger, Most Wanted, and Bounties.

For instance, Bounties mark out one player on the map, in a radius that is reducing as you get closer to them. This gives you a set amount of time to locate and kill them, and afterward rewarding you if they die. What is great about a contract is that if you can take out a bounty, and even if somebody else kills that player, you will get rewarded anyhow.

4.  Stack Your UAVs

You are probably aware that the late-game will see many players rocking loadouts which make them invisible to the scanners. Nevertheless, UAVs are still a very powerful tool in Warzone. They can help you stay aware of where the enemy squads are around you

Another great advantage of UAVs is getting an advanced look at every enemy on the map if your squad calls in three UAVs at the same time. You don’t only get the information on where they are, but also which direction they are pointing in.

5.  Vary Where You Drop

You have probably found a few spots on the map where you love to drop but fight the urge to go to them often. If you often change the places where you drop, you will improve more quickly and learn the map much faster. This will help you change the rhythm of your play-sessions, which is always a good thing.

6.  Beware of the Gas Mask

As you are approaching the endgame of your match, you should consider using the popular, as well as the powerful tactic of hugging the gas ring’s outer edge as it closes down, picking off fleeing targets, and staying just ahead of it. This requires you to have a gas mask so that you are less at risk. The thing you need to be aware of is that the mask’s on-off animations are very disruptive.

If you have read everything and have reached the end of the list, you have surely gained some useful new tactics. That being said, all that’s left to do is to take action and try them out!

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