60 Parsecs! available on Steam today!

60 Parsecs! available on Steam today!

Robot Gentleman is happy to announce that the dark comedy Sci-Fi survival game “60 Parsecs” has officially launched on PC. For $14.99 or €14.99, this game can be yours!

Players are cast in the role of an ill-fated space captain. You start with sixty frantic seconds where you get to search for supplies. After this, you get blasted into the depths of space where you must survive on limited resources and make difficult decisions. Are you able to keep yourself and your crew alive for one more day on the hunt for a new home? Oh right, you can’t go back to Earth. You see, it has become a nuclear disaster.

Let’s talk numbers!

  • 1 captain: that’s you!
  • 2 phases of gameplay: you scavenge for supplies for sixty seconds and then you try to survive
  • 3 planets: these are filled with all kinds of deadly creatures and choices
  • 4 seats for crew members
  • 5 playable captains: each has their own unique backstory
  • 21 story endings: and a lot (and we do mean a lot) of different variations that tell the story of your crew’s fate
  • More than 350 events: these create ridiculous situations you’ll find yourself in
  • 592 pages of text: reproduced on your personal word processor of choice, written with traditional Omicronian essay formatting
  • 148k words: the game is filled with great words like laundromat
  • And lastly, not a number but you’ll get a whole crowd of aliens, robots and other interdimensional life forms

Watch the gameplay trailer here:


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