9 Years of Shadows set to release in 2023

9 Years of Shadows set to release in 2023

Developer Halberd Studios and publisher Freedom Games have announced that their upcoming Metroidvania game, 9 Years of Shadows, will be coming out on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023. The game follows young warrior Europa on her quest to free the world from the shadows that have taken over it.

Throughout the game, players will have the assistance of the ghostly bear Apino, who will accompany Europa and provide assistance by shooting projectiles at enemies, opening doors, or shielding her. Alongside this, players will be able to acquire unique elemental armors that will change their powers, providing the ability to perform powerful combos and hit enemy weaknesses.

“After hundreds of people tried out 9 Years of Shadows at events like PAX and Steam Next Fest, we have gotten some immensely valuable feedback and really excited sentiments”, said Miguel Hasson, Creative Director of Halberd Studios.


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