A Bavarian Tale: Totgeschwiegen is now available on Steam

A Bavarian Tale: Totgeschwiegen is now available on Steam

Better brush up on your German,  because the murder mystery RPG A Bavarian Tale: Totgeschwiegen is taking you back to 19th-century Bavaria. Stepping in the shoes of a young surveyor by the name of Valentin Schmidt, you will put your detective skills to the test when a mysterious death shakes the foundations of the Bavarian village of Wolpertshofen. At first, this village looks like an idyllic place, but looks can be deceiving. As it turns out, this village is a façade for a hidden world full of dark secrets. You must figure out who to trust, as some will try to put Valentin on a false trial.

Searching the many clues that are hidden in the village and collecting valuable evidence will help in driving the plot forward and leveling  up your detective skills as you progress. Filled with the many challenges faced you have many different options on how to handle the interaction with various people. Will you be using your charisma with a diplomatic outcome or is it time for bare fists and a good old knuckle beatdown?

Players will find themselves in a true historic Bavarian setting as all the characters are voiced by real Bavarians who are happy to use their own strong dialect. If this isn’t your cup of tea then you can always opt for the English version with a Bavarian accent and use both German and English subtitles if you prefer to read up on the events happening.

Key features include:

  • Historical detective RPG in 3rd person
  • Action takes place in the Upper Bavarian State village of Wolpertshofen in 1866
  • Skills can be improved freely and are used in pen-and-paper fashion
  • Decisions influence the outcome of the story
  • Complete voice work in Bavarian and English
  • German and English subtitles
  • Playtime: Approx. 10 hours
  • 11 different endings

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