A Fold Apart launches on April 17th

A Fold Apart launches on April 17th

Lightning Rod Games announced yesterday that their puzzle game, A Fold Apart, will release next week on the 17th of April, it will be available on all Apple platforms through Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

A Fold Apart is a narrative-driven puzzle game displaying the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship. The launch trailer reveals its gameplay involves a unique mechanic, paper folding and flipping, all in order to bring a couple together over the course of their lives.

First starting development in 2015, A fold Apart features a romantic and touching story about the feelings in a long-distance relationship. All of this is told with a colorful, handmade, paper-like aesthetic, in fact, all the early versions of the puzzles were made in real life at some point.

Choose which of the parts in the relationship you want to play as, and unfold both sides of the story as they navigate through the emotions of separation.

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