A great year for Vainglory in touchscreen eSports

A great year for Vainglory in touchscreen eSports

Vainglory‘s first year has been the stuff of dreams with it ending 2015 as the world’s leading touchscreen eSport. Having had Live Season Championships in North America, Europe and Korea (and the first ever China invitational), and players taking home more then $350,000 in prize money, it’s easy to see how successful Vainglory has been.

But with the start of 2016, things are only going to get bigger. With the Winter Season now in full swing, 800 competitive teams are already signed up (with more possibly to come) across North America, Europe, Korea– as well as new regions such as South East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India) with their first official Tesseract Qualifier Series, and South America.

Players can also expect the next update at the beginning of February, which will be themed to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Halcyon Fold will host a new Lunar New Year themed map skin, complete with fireworks and other visually stunning effects. In addition, a new hero will enter in celebration of the Year of the Monkey in the form of Ozo– an acrobatic jungler with distinct, rewarding weapon and crystal build paths who always looks for a fight, and bounces between targets to bring devastating area-of-effect damage with his razor sharp ring. There is also a limited edition Lunar New Year skin for Koshka, so keep an eye out for Update 1.14 to grab that.

If you are interested in the Winter Championships themselves, the one for North American players will be in Santa Ana, California, and meanwhile European players can get ready to do battle in London at the GFinity Arena. Tickets are $12 (£8.42 for the UK and €11 for the EU, which are not specified on the site but have been worked out according to current exchange rates), and are available at http://vainglorywinterna.eventbrite.com and http://vainglorywintereu.eventbrite.com.

If you want to see what it’s all about before you buy your tickets, check out the Vainglory eSports Highlights of 2015 video below:

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