A new Indiepocalypse issue has been released

A new Indiepocalypse issue has been released

Andrew Baillie, Indiepocalypse’s editor, has announced that the zine’s latest issue has been released. Now available on the official Itch.io page for a minimum price of $15, this 25th issue marks the third year of the publication. As usual, it features a collection of 10 indie games alongside an exclusive title specially commissioned for the bundle-zine.

Said exclusive title has been revealed as The Long Shift by Caro Asercion, a tabletop game about an interstellar truck stop. The game will see players meeting the visitors traveling through, sharing moments with them, and learning more about the cosmos.

Indiepocalypse is a bundle-zine with a focus on providing developers with an outlet to showcase their games while getting paid and retaining ownership. More information about Indiepocalypse can be found on the zine’s website, Itch.io, or Andrew’s social media.

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