A new sneak peek for Foretales has been released

A new sneak peek for Foretales has been released

Indie developer Alkemi in partnership with Dear Villagers have released the first gameplay video for their upcoming story-driven card game, Foretales. Premiered during Nintendo Life’s latest indie game showcase, the video below showcases Foretales’ innovative approach to card games, where narration and experimentation blend with deckbuilding mechanics.

Coming this Summer to PC and Switch, Foretales tells the story of a collapsing world. Players will take the role of the avian thief Volepain, as they assemble a party from a selection of characters ranging from the tiger archer Léo to the gorilla Karst, or even the parrot Pattenbois. Using each character’s unique skills along with consumable cards, they’ll forge a path through a variety of encounters and situations. Each of these scenarios offers a slew of different approaches, catering to all kinds of players. By playing through the story multiple times, players will also unlock different narrative branches, writing their own story through the cards they employ.

“We’re very proud of how much sheer possibility we’ve been able to cram into Foretales, as the card-based mechanics allow for an unprecedented amount of player freedom,” said Alain Puget, founder of Alkemi. “Coupled with characterful art, brilliant voice acting, and a rousing soundtrack, Foretales creates a harrowing sense of adventure that we think players will really latch onto when it releases this Summer.”


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