A new trailer for Sword Legacy Omen

A new trailer for Sword Legacy Omen

Publisher Team17 has released a new trailer today. It features the play style, storytelling style and the different regions of Sword Legacy Omen: The world of broken Britannia, as the full title goes. The game is still in development by Firecast Studios and Fableware Narrative Design, and is due to release on PC in 2018.

The trailer follows the path you’ll be taking through the fragments of the once flourishing fictional kingdom of Britannia. Every region shows its own atmosphere, and they all suffer from their own problems like plagues, corrupt leaders and invading armies.

The five regions are:

  1. Mercia: The starting region, where Lord Leof’s peaceful reign ended abruptly after his court betrayed him.
  2. Northumbria: The domain of Lord Caydern and terrorized by hard winters and plagues
  3. Anglia:  The home of the Order of Terah and in turmoil after its leader Lord Edmur has vanished.
  4. Kent: While enjoying everlasting spring and the presence of nearby Avalon, Lady Alfhild is troubled by rumors and and invading Wessex army.
  5. Wessex: Ruled by the power obsessed Duke Gorlois, who experiments with dark knowledge and alchemy.

You may follow the development progress on Twitter and Facebook.

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