A new Viking rogue-lite is coming soon to Steam!

A new Viking rogue-lite is coming soon to Steam!

Good news for Viking fans! A new Viking game is coming to steam on April 8th.

The game is called Viking Vengeance and is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler ARPG. You will take on the role of a templar with pagan origins who rediscovers his roots. Viking Vengeance is set in a historical fictive world where you will learn to wield the powers of the Norse Gods, in order to change the destiny of the people and stop Ragnarok. You will be able to pray to the Gods and bring sacrifices to unlock different fighting styles and blessings. The Gods aren’t always reliable but you can please them to improve your chances of receiving their help.

In Viking Vengeance, you will be able to pick from two different classes, each with its unique gear and weapons. Once the health of your enemies reaches a certain threshold you will be able to execute them, no matter what class you play. Executing enemies will give you either your health back or give extra blood currency which can be used for reviving, boosting your devotion, or for other gains.

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