Abalone – Now available digitally

Abalone – Now available digitally

The popular board game Abalone, launched digitally today. Abalone is a simplistic, two-player marble game. The game is influenced by the popular sport: sumo wrestling. In Abalone, players have to try and push off six of 14 marbles from their opponent of the board. This isn’t as simple as it sounds since only long lines of marbles can push shorter ones.  Players have to strategically switch between defensive and offensive play as six sides are flanking each game piece.

To keep in touch with the table-top gaming aspect, Abalone is also playable in local pass-and-play multiplayer mode. Players that want more of a challenge can try their hand on the online multiplayer.

Other features include:

  • Three levels of AI difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • A solo campaign with distinctive challenges
  • A game mode where you DIY your own game, rules and already place the first marbles

Abalone is available now in the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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