Acer announces new gaming products during their press conference

Acer announces new gaming products during their press conference

Acer has been a household name for many years when it comes to IT products. Today during their press conference next@acer they have announced a handful of new products that will be hitting the lineup.

For those that like mobility, there are the new gaming laptops the Predator Helios Neo 16 and Predator Triton 17X. These laptops are fitted with Intel processors from the 13th generation and RTX 40-series GPUs. The Predator Triton 17 X is great for both gamers and creators thanks to its Intel I9 processor and advanced cooling solutions. The Helios Neo 16, will be equipped with a GPU from the RTX 40-series with DLSS 3. There is also a secret code engraved on the case for gamers to decode and read the secret message.

If your setup is rather placed on a desk then you’ll like the new Predator Orion X desktop and Acer curved monitors. The Predator Orion X comes with an Intel I9-13900KS processor and RTX 4090 for the ultimate gaming experience. To pair this beast with a corresponding monitor you can either get the Nitro XZ452CU V curved gaming monitor that has an ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratio with its 44,5-inch screen size and 165 Hz refresh rate. Not looking for overkill then you might like the Predator X34 V gaming monitor with a curved OLED display with a refresh rate of 175Hz with an ultrafast 0.1 ms response time and this in a 34-inch monitor.

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