Action game Structure will be revealed in fall 2016

Action game Structure will be revealed in fall 2016

BUKA and Russian game developer Extent5 presented a new upcoming dynamic action game Structure that is scheduled for release on PC this fall. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are considered for development.

In Structure, mankind tried to colonize other worlds when natural resources of Earth had run out. In order to discover new planets and to make them habitable A.I. robots were sent deep into the outer space.


However, something caused a global system malfunction and the terraforming process was interrupted.

These smart machines went out of control and started to build their own tech world threatening the newly born biosphere.

All but one. The last of these robots found itself in a hostile environment of the planet XS-1271 far away from Earth. This intelligent machine is to survive and to expose the truth behind this madness and the death of ecosystems.


Key features for Structure are:

– Truly hard-core action-adventure game.

– Gloomy and vibrant world full of mysteries.

– Environment promptly responds on player’s actions.

– Dozens of various foes, each with its own unique abilities.

– A wide range of character customization options.

– Numerous battle tactics and gameplay style approaches.

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