Action-RPG and real-time strategy Legends of Ellaria releases on April 1st

Action-RPG and real-time strategy Legends of Ellaria releases on April 1st

After a successful Early Access stage, Larkon Studios’ debut game Legends of Ellaria transitions to full release, during which the game has sold around 30,000 units and gathered a strong community of players. Upon its full release, the game will receive its final content update: the full single-player campaign story mode, along with many quality-of-life improvements and other updates.

Legends of Ellaria has grown and evolved a lot since its first release on Early Access in July 2017, creating a unique experience that blends role-playing sandbox with first/third-person action-adventure and real-time strategy and management. In Legends of Ellaria, you play as the lord of a blooming kingdom, having escaped through a magical portal from a dying world to the thriving land of Ellaria. You have to guide the destinies of your people, manage the kingdom and make it grow and prosper — but you also get to go on adventures, leading heroes and companions on dungeon raids and all kinds of quests, and of course leading your troops to battle.

Key features

  • Swap between world management, real-time strategy, and first-person modes at any time
  • Recruit, lead, and command your armies both on the battlefield or using RTS mechanics
  • Control your character in first or third person, including his / her skills and abilities
  • Explore the procedurally generated world of Ellaria. Every region, every city, and every dungeon will feel different from any place you have visited in the past.
  • Command your soldiers and heroes
  • Construct cities building by building, in multiple regions
  • Rule your kingdom’s economy (and interact with others), while you upgrade your cities, armies and your skills
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