Adam Wolfe – Review
Follow Genre: hidden object puzzle adventure, point and click
Developer: Mad Head Games
Publisher: Mad Head Games
Platform: PC(Steam)
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Adam Wolfe – Review

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Do you believe in the supernatural? In ghosts or demonic possessions? Have you ever wondered if there is something beyond the mortal life or if there is a heaven or a hell? Anyway, it’s a popular theme or setting that is sometimes the core in movies, series and videogames. Especially in the latter one. Mad Head Games has developed a new game where you’ll have to solve mysterious cases that have a touch of a supernatural nature. In Adam Wolfe, you handle these cases through the very eyes of this detective and try to solve them to the best of your abilities. Just as the legendary Sherlock Holmes, we put on the mantle of a detective and solve this game like a real case in order to find out what kind of manifestation Adam Wolfe is.Adam Wolfe-1Story

Adam Wolfe is a supernatural detective who only takes cases that are of a supernatural nature. In other words, if there are strange apparitions or you’ve got a hunch about a possible demonic possession, he’s your guy to contact. Adam’s sister has mysteriously disappeared two years ago and this thrives him to solve all kinds of cases in the San Francisco area. He believes that every case brings him closer and closer to finding his lost sister. There are 4 major cases involving all sorts of mysterious events that make you investigate strange arsons, a demonic box, ancient cultist that meddle with time itself and strange hauntings forming a major red line that resolves around a bigger picture and plot.

Adam Wolfe really tries very hard to appeal with an exciting story about a supernatural detective and even succeeds to a certain point. It tells interesting and compelling cases about different and appealing events taking place in San Francisco but fails in delivering a satisfying and convincing finale. The characters and approach make it feel all quite realistic, especially presenting the game through first person perspective but grows cliché and predictable. Except for a few slight plot elements and an anticlimactic ending, it all felt like you’ve seen or read it all a thousand times, especially if you’re a fan of sci-fi-fantasy genre.Adam Wolfe_2Graphics

Adam Wolfe looks really awesome and well built. It is completely presented as a 2D interactive visual novel that is fully hand drawn and painted. Everything from the characters to the environments looks beautifully detailed and thoroughly handled with care and devotion. Especially as the various sites you visit are crammed with beautiful details and effects. The art design really fits the setting of the game and may remind some players of the presentation done in the early Max Payne games which handled a similar approach and presentation. This results that the game feels like a cool and wacky TV series. What might be a bit of minor point is that some sequences such as for example a fight against a demon, looked a bit like a cheap flash player game which looked odd and felt like some sort of turnoff.Adam Wolfe_3Sound

Adam Wolfe doens’t only aim high with its visuals, but also in the field of audio. The soundtrack is arranged like a movie or series as it succeeds in giving the right vibe at every moment. Whether if it’s pressing simple piano keys during an investigation or the up-tempo rhythm coming from a symphony orchestra during a struggle, it matches the game and setting perfectly. Aside from a great soundtrack, the game is fully voiced and truly an intensive, narrative experience. Every dialogue is done extraordinary well and offers top quality voice work you won’t often see in videogames of this genre.Adam_Wolfe_4Gameplay

Adam Wolfe is what they call a hidden object puzzle adventure combined with elements from a basic point and click game. As the player, you take on the role of Adam Wolfe, a detective specialized in cases of a supernatural nature. You investigate locations and interrogate persons by highlighting and clicking certain interactive points in areas and persons. Most of these areas are filled with riddles and puzzles for you to solve in order to get clues and directions, advancing the game. The puzzles can be solved by collecting tools and elements from your environment and you aren’t always empty handed as you have investigative tools such as a fingerprint kit and a police badge are at your disposal. But sometimes that won’t be enough as some puzzles require an approach from another point of view as they demand the use of mystical tools. As you advance through the game, you’ll be able to gain access to a magical watch that enables you to see events that’ve taken place in the past and solve mysteries that would’ve been impossible through conventional means.Adam_Wolfe_5The puzzles are numerous and littered across the various locations in the story. As they’re numerous, they are presented in a clever way but you’d expect them to be accompanied with a certain level of challenge. Alas, the level of challenge is a tad on the low side as most puzzles are too obvious or give you any real punishment if you ever are wrong. Even at a higher difficulty setting, this doesn’t make a significant change and felt like a major disappointment. Most puzzles and riddles were far too easily completed and played through in a breeze. This made the game lose a lot of its value but thanks to the setting and the superb presentation, it convinces you to play through until the end.

The game is separated in four separate chapters and each chapter can be completed in about 60 to 75 minutes, offering about around six hours in order to complete the whole storyline of Adam Wolfe. In a way, this is more than long enough to keep you hooked to the game and offer a satisfying experience.Adam_Wolfe_6Conclusion

Adam Wolfe is truly an incredible narrative and visual experience that just urges you to play the game until the end but unfortunately fails to deliver a certain level of challenge in solving the extensive amount of puzzles and telling a compelling and intriguing storyline. This is a hidden object puzzle adventure that isn’t a genre meant for everyone but the fans will be delighted with this title as it will satisfy their expectations to a certain degree. Nonetheless, we still recommend this game to newcomers as it offers a unique approach on storytelling, helps you develop a keen eye and even a perfect start for people not so skilled in puzzling games.

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Adam Wolfe - Review, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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