Adventure Bit – Review
Follow Genre: Action
Developer: SEEP
Publisher: SEEP
Platform: PC
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Adventure Bit – Review

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All the way back in 2017 we reviewed Abduction Bit, another retro-inspired game by SEEP. This developer is known for his high-quality arcade-inspired videogames and we really loved Abduction Bit back then, when we received Adventure Bit we couldn’t wait to compare both titles with the many years in between development.   


Adventure Bit follows the story of two adventurers, Harry and Lana that want to search for treasure in Aztec temples that are located deep in the jungle. The legend goes that many adventurers went inside but left empty-handed as the dangerous interiors made them flee. Now it is up to you two to go in and grab as many treasures as humanly possible.

There is only a short piece of lore in the game, which fits perfectly into the arcade setting it tries to emulate. After completing a run you will be greeted with an ending screen telling you that the story isn’t over and there is much more to discover and that isn’t a lie.


Adventure Bit has been made in homage to the MSX computer age, this in combination with some more modern animations makes a nice neo-retro graphical spectacle. The visuals are simple and emulate games from the 1980s, yet some animations are pretty modern and the game really runs smooth. The black background and colored foreground really take you back to simpler times and plays the best in the dark.

The game even has a scan line feature that makes the game look like it is played on an old CRT monitor. If for any reason you don’t like this then you could always turn this setting off in the menu.


Just like the graphics, the sound will take you back to the golden age of video games. The midi music blasts through the speakers and the 80s sound effect take you back to your childhood. Overall there isn’t much sound or music in the game to keep it simple and realistic and it fits the game perfectly.


Adventure Bit is an action game where you must traverse through maps, defeat all the enemies and collect as much treasure as possible. Its gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy. The game starts with a really short piece of the story that ties in the lore of the game. You begin on the novice difficulty and can unlock more difficulty settings when completing the game. What makes the experience unique is that each difficulty setting actually has different levels, so you aren’t just repeating the same levels all over again.

Every level follows the same simple objective: defeat all the enemies and you may progress. Collecting the treasure increases your score but is a side objective. If you want to unlock the good ending for each run then you must collect all the crystal skulls, which isn’t an easy feat. To defeat enemies you must capture them, hit them three times with your whip and quickly capture them. When an enemy hits you, you will lose a life. Most enemies have easy patterns so overcoming them won’t be a big issue.

Adventure Bit can be played either solo or with two players simultaneously co-op. This is a fun way to quickly clear the levels and to try to speedrun the whole game. Your character responds pretty well to the controls and there aren’t that many frustrating jumping segments (unlike Abduction Bit).


Adventure Bit is a nice game to play next to Abduction Bit. Both games are high in production value but Adventure Bit is actually quite nicer. The graphics are a great mix between retro simplistic and modern animations, the music takes you right back in time and the simple gameplay is accessible for everyone. You will have some time to enjoy the game as each new unlocked difficulty comes with brand spanking new levels so the game doesn’t get repetitive too fast.

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Rating: 9.4/10 (11 votes cast)
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Adventure Bit – Review, 9.4 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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