Adventure Time Game Wizard – Review
Follow Genre: Action platformer and creator
Developer: Cartoon Network, Pixel Press
Publisher: Cartoon Network, Pixel Press
Platform: Android, iOS
Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

Adventure Time Game Wizard – Review

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Bad: Controls, scanning software isn't that responsive
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Adventure Time is a series of Cartoon Network and it is making its way into the gaming world. If you combine the franchise of Adventure Time and the expertise of Pixel Press, you get a game like Adventure Time Game Wizard. Next to the single player mode you will have something else to enjoy.

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Finn and Jake are strolling happily in the forest, when they suddenly find an area that is polluted with strange signs and a strange book.  When seeing this, they furiously search for the culprit. Their curiosity is bigger though and they take a peek in the book. It seems that this is a sketch book and that the sketches you draw, come to life! Finn and Jake are utmost happy and start to draw themselves and everything they desire. They’re having fun, until suddenly the Doodle Wizard appears. It seems that this sketch book is his property and that he wants to rule the world with his drawn enemies. Our two friends just laugh away the threats and slay him. But will this be the end of the Doodle Wizard?


The graphics are similar to the style of the series. You can expect some cartoony figures, bold colours and vivid environments. The combination of these elements are the key of the catchiness of the game. The characters really stand out in the environment and are fun to watch.

If you’ve watched the series, you will recognize a few of the settings, while other ones are a bit altered or new.



The game has some great tunes that will take you on a magical trip in the sketch book. Every area has its own soundtrack and really fit the environment. If that isn’t enough, there are quite some sound effects to boost the gameplay. Attacking has its own particular sound, while the enemies make some noises as well. In overall, it is something you can listen to for a longer period of time. The icing on the cake is definitely the voice acting. This is just marvellous and the voices are the original ones from the series.

The sound track in the creator mode isn’t that long and is looped quite fast. Although the other music is great, this get on your nerves quite quickly. It also would be nice if you could select which track would play when other people play your homemade levels.


There are a three mayor parts in the game, namely singleplayer, the create mode and an online mode.

First of all, the singleplayer mode is an action platformer, where you have to venture several areas with your character and beat bad guys. While slaying and exploring, you will find some new reinforcements. You can switch freely between characters and it’s a good thing, since every one of them has their own particular skill set. For example, Finn is great at slaying monsters with his big sword, while Jake can grab its surroundings, giving him the opportunity to pull himself closer to that object. Next to that, you can always upgrade your characters at checkpoints or you can warp to other ones.


It has to be said though, the controls aren’t that great. Going left and right is no problem, but going up or down is a hell. You can’t select the up or down area alone, you always need to go up-left or up-right. The same counts for going down. This is really annoying since you will repeatedly fall down or go the wrong way and which is a bummer for the fun of the game.

As second part, there is the creator. This is a really fun mode, since you can make your own levels and publish them online. You can choose between drawing your game on your device or you can choose to draw it on special paper and scan it afterwards.

There is a variety of things you need to select, since you need to make everything from scratch. If you want to build a pyramid-like shape which the player needs to climb, why not? The sky is the limit and your device (or paper) is the tool to make marvellous levels. You’re not chained to one sheet. You can use several sheets in different sizes to make one big level. It is really easy to make levels on your device. You just need to select which element you want to place and tap or swipe on your screen. Making levels on paper is a bit trickier and you will need quite some icons, although everything is nicely explained on their website.

There are a few things you should keep in mind though. The level should have a beginning and an end, your sheet(s) should have a theme and if you use Hero Pickups, they should be defined as well. Playing the singleplayer is great for the create mode as well. You will unlock characters that can be used in your creator and you gain money, which can be used to unlock certain colours or enemies.


Before you can upload your created jewel, you need to play the game yourself and reach the end. This means that other players can reach the end as well so there will be less ‘broken’ games online.

It is great that the app has technology that can scan the things you draw, but there are a few flaws. It takes a while before the software detects the edges of the special paper and you need to draw really secure, because the system won’t recognise it otherwise. Even if you have drawn it really tidily, you probably still have to adjust your drawn level with the devices’ creator, since nog everything will be projected as you wanted it.

The Arcade or online mode is where you can play other people their games. The great part is that the coins you find during these games also count for your in-game amount of coins. This means you can unlock things in the creator or that you can upgrade your characters. When you succeed in a level, you get the opportunity to give a thumbs up, make it one of your favourites or share it.

Overall, the game tend to lag at times, especially around checkpoints or boss battles. This said, it is a fun game to keep yourself busy though.


Adventure Time Game Wizard gives you the opportunity to make your own levels and lets your creativity on the loose. The graphics are similar to the series and the music is quite vivid mostly, while the sound effects and the voice acting are the icing on the cake. Be prepared to guide Finn and his friends through many levels.

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Adventure Time Game Wizard - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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