Aerial shooter Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly released

Aerial shooter Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly released

Today, The aerial shooter Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly from developer Dogmelon Games has been released on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam. In this Aerial shooter, you can choose to play as your favorite furry character and shoot your opponents to pieces.

In the alternative universe of this game, colorful anthropomorphic characters have taken to the skies. Each character has their own individual style, voice acting and victory theme. The aircraft in this game are based on early twentieth-century biplanes with a variety of weapons. You can fight with up to eight players in one game, so each match is sure to be a fun and exciting experience. Combining all this with some wacky special items and customizable stats, this game is sure to be a fun game to play against friends.

Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly is now available for purchase in the Steam Store and the respective console’s digital stores.

To see what this game has to offer, you can check out the release trailer below.

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