Aeterna Noctis releases today on PlayStation 4

Aeterna Noctis releases today on PlayStation 4

After a successful release on PlayStation 5 last December, Sony Interactive Entertainment España and Aeternum Game Studios decided that their hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania game should be available on PlayStation 4. Aeterna Noctis releases with the latest update and a new game mode for those who want a more accessible experience. In this mode, the bosses will have slightly less HP, and players are able to switch between difficulty modes without starting a new game.

Key features include:

  • Experience a Metroidvania with a challenging difficulty. Easy to learn, but hard to master as you gain experience and unlock new skills.
  • Explore the mysterious lands of Aeterna in a non-linear way. You are always the one to choose your next challenge. All the levels are designed to fully exploit the movement skills of the characters, opening multiple ways to overcome each challenge.
  • Enjoy a clean and fluid gameplay designed and polished to achieve a system that responds to 100% of the actions regardless of the speed and conditions in which they are executed.
  • Immerse in a deep and beautiful story. Aeterna Noctis is not just about platforms! As a proud son of the Metroidvania genre, it is also filled with fast-paced action, epic moments, and unexpected twists that will captivate even the most experienced of players.

You can purchase Aeterna Noctis right now on PlayStation 4 for €29.99/ $29.99/ £24.99

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