Aim high on the road with Bounce Sir

Aim high on the road with Bounce Sir

From the Texas-based indie game developer Nisuboy, a studio ran by the brothers Dalal, comes the simple action-arcade mobile game Bounce Sir. The brothers believe in playful self-expression via the means of interactive media and they’ve achieved that with their first game. While simple in design and gameplay, the game is utterly adorable and unique in both art and narrative when it comes down to mobile games.

The main feature of Bounce Sir is the talkative main character. Sir is a humanoid sphere, proudly presenting his sir-like moustache. Not only is he philosophic, he also states rather odd opinions such as his love for the Indian Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. He also responds to the environment. Poking him doesn’t settle well with him and hitting an enemy can be pretty rough on the guy. Taken everything in consideration, Sir is most likely the most interactive character with an interesting personality you can find in mobile games of the same genres. Aside from sharing similarities with Doodle Jump, Flappy Bird and Cut the Rope, Bounce Sir quotes geek-favorite pop culture movies and games such as the Super Marios Bros Movie and Pokémon.

We already mentioned above that the game has a unique narrative. The developers try to call upon the philosophic minds amongst the gamers with the storyline in Bounce Sir. Is the gentleman simply insecure or confused or is he utterly drunk which would explain the crazy mumbling from time to time. What is his purpose? In the game you’ll discover the truth about Sir and the nature of his existence. While this juxtaposition poses a somewhat psychological complex element in a simple game, it’s a great means to escape from the world around you for a bit.

Everything in Bounce Sir was developed from scratch. Parth Dalal was in charge of the music while his brother took care of the visuals. Both pour their souls into the game, resulting in a thoughtful and subtle yet uniquely stunning mobile game.

Bounce Sir is available on iOS and Android platforms free of charge. If you are an iOS user you can find the game here. Android users can on their turn find the game here. You can find the release trailer of this adorable game right below and don’t forget to question yourself, “How high can you go?” while you’re on the road?

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