Air Conflicts: Ultimate Edition coming to stores this fall

Air Conflicts: Ultimate Edition coming to stores this fall

In Air Conflicts Ultimate Edition, you’ll get to fly fighter planes in World War II, biplanes in the Great War and work with huge resistance movements that fought against the Nazi regime in all secrecy – including the French Maquis, the Yugoslav Partisans and RAF Balkans. Air Conflicts Ultimate Edition is a uniquely compelling air combat game straight from the makers of the acclaimed Attack on Pearl Harbor.

“We almost made it across the border before the Luftwaffe arrives. I can’t stay with the convoy if I want to protect them – I have to chase down the Messerschmitt if any of the refugees are to make it to the safe house. As our planes rush at each other, hot lead pumping from my machine guns, I recognise one of the enemy pilots from the faded photograph – the only clue I have as to what happened to my father in the Great War, decades ago. If I can shoot him down close enough to the border, we might capture him – maybe I could find another piece of the puzzle. I bank my plane for another pass… There is more at stake than just the lives of a dozen refugees. I must fight my own secret war for the truth…”

Key features include exiting air battles and smuggling missions in which you will fight alongside the resistance against the Nazis, or smuggle supplies for the resistance troops. The game is easy to learn and requires no training thanks to the intuitive and satisfying controls. You’ll get to fly in both World Wars thanks to the innovative Flashback Missions and it comes with an intriguing narrative.

Air Conflicts Ultimate Edition is coming to stores this fall, more specifically 21 October 2016 and will be available for PlayStation 4 consoles only.

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