Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition – Review
Follow Genre: Rythm shooter
Developer: Visual Air Guitar Company
Publisher: Visual Air Guitar Company

Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition – Review

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Have you ever been listening to rock or metal, playing along with your fabulous air guitar, wishing it was real? Now you won’t need to anymore! Virtual Air Guitar Company brinngs you Air Guitar Warrior! Dare to enter the world of rock and metal, where you can ride epic beasts and slay enemies with just a strum of your guitar!



A rocker isn’t a rocker without ever having played their very own air guitar. You step into this game as a metal-head who is craving for a little music. So you grab your air guitar, mount your T-rex, and knock your enemies out of the park by playing some awesome riffs! There are 10 storylines for you to play, every single one a bit harder than the other. In every setting, you have different enemies to slay, and each album you play is closed off by a boss. In order to defeat said boss, you must pull out all the stops! So, are you ready for the challenge?

There is all that much story value to the game as you just start playing and see where it goes from there. It could have used a little bit more of a storyline, or at least that would have been nice, since you just jump into the game without any setting.



The game is played in a 2D setting. Each stage has its own theme, consisting of five levels, each a little bit different. Every stage you enter has a series of enemies, fitting the theme. The mount you are on is on the left side of the screen, walking along the speed of the screen. Enemies come in from the right, which you have to shoot down. Every guitar you earn, has a different look and ammo. Each guitar has a theme as well, fitting the album you earned it in. The graphics overall are pretty and overly exaggerated, as the game intends them to be. The only downside on the graphics are that some things blend into the background a bit too much, making it harder to see. Other than that, the graphics are easy on the eye and a lot of fun.



The developer of the game had some troubles buying copyrights of songs, so they decided to make some original tracks, exclusively for the game. Even if you’re not a metal fan, it is not hard to like the catchy tracks and the sound when you shred your guitar. Each different level has its own track and guitar riffs. It is a little bit disappointing that each guitar sounds exactly the same. While there is no voice acting or singing included, you don’t really miss it. In the end the game is all about awesome guitar riffs.



The genre of this game is a so called rhythm shooter with a simple goal, namely to complete all the albums and get every guitar. Before this game starts, you get a short introduction of how to play. You start with a simple beat, on which you must press the corresponding buttons. You use only two buttons: A and X. pressing these two at two different speeds, makes your guitar shoot at the enemies in different ways. Aiming is done using the left joystick. The first album you have to play is quite easy, it is really just to understand the game before you begin playing for real. After this first album, you get nine more, with fifteen different environments. After finishing each album, you will get a new guitar. Some levels had some critiques, like the visibility of the weapon and the timing of the beat, which were a bit off. Your final challenge is facing Heavy Metal Zeus in the Temple of the Rock Gods. After this epic battle, you receive the legendary guitar, which is fully customisable. Playing through these albums is pretty simple and quickly done, since every song takes only two minutes to complete. Which leaves you wondering: where is the rest? No customisable characters? No points system? No leaderboards? It just seems like so much is missing. The game would have been so much better with a few adjustments and additions. Now, it is not really worth all this money.


There was another point to playing this game: it had some troubles starting up. The game wanted to start one out of every ten times we tried opening it. We are not saying this is a common issue, but it surely was a problem for us.


This game is a lot of fun to play, with crazy mounts, quirky themes and awesome riffs. However, the game does feel a little bit incomplete. The humor of the game would be a bit hard to understand for people who don’t know the community at all, so it would not be a game they will buy quickly. The replayability isn’t high either, once you have been through all the levels, you will have seen the game. especially since you can’t improve your previous scores, caused by a lack of leaderboards. The game could have had so much more potential if the difficulty and complexity would have been a bit higher.

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Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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