AiRace: Xeno – Review
Follow Genre: Racing, arcade
Developer: QuBicGames
Publisher: QuBicGames
Platform: 3DS

AiRace: Xeno – Review

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Good: nice graphics, really fun, good 3d
Bad: only 9 tracks
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AiRace: Xeno is the follow up to its predecessor, AiRace: Speed. It is pretty much the same game, with new music and tracks. Speed through the tracks and reach your final goal!



Nothing is to be said about the story, as there is none present. The game focuses itself solely on the gameplay.


AiRace: Xeno looks pretty much identical to its predecessor, except that there are new tracks available which obviously look different.

The graphics are really well done, and take the most out of the system. Each track might seem similar to one another, but each have their own placement of obstacles which separates them apart . Both 2D and 3D mode look really nice, especially the 3D is done well. While you will need to get used to the 3D, it fleshes out each stage even more while also making the game a little bit more difficult since you’ll need to get used to the depth perception and such. Just make sure that you don’t play too long with the 3D function on, as it is really tiresome and unhealthy for your eyes.



Aside from the lack of sound effect in this game, the soundtrack itself goes really well with the environment of the game. Each song is in the genre of dub step or other techno genres and they capture the feel of the game nicely.


As there is not a shred of story available, the game’s greatest asset is its core gameplay. You travel in an airship and fly through a track as quickly as possible. There are no enemies or partners present, only obstacles that are in your way. While catching more and more speed, you’ll have to be more and more careful and skilled in order to not crash into the many obstacles that lay before you. Your airplane takes damage as your wings slide on the walls, eventually breaking down and making you crash.

In the beginning you’ll have an unlimited amount of lives, making losing almost impossible. However, the further you  are in the game, the harder the challenges get and eventually you’ll get only a certain amount of lives. So being careful and improving your abilities is key to mastering the game.

When your airship crashes you’ll get a penalty of a couple of seconds lost, which influences your final score. Your score will vary between either bronze, silver or gold. These stars are important, as you’ll need a couple of each of them before unlocking newer tracks.

Redoing tracks in order to get a better score isn’t always the same, as in each track different kinds of routes are available, some being more easy to do and some being more difficult. The game offers a total of 9 different tracks.

For the completionists among you, there are a total of 21 achievements available.



While not having too much different tracks available, the games does everything good. The graphics are really nice, the sound captures the game nicely and the gameplay is simple and yet challenging and fun. It is certainly something to look out for.

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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AiRace: Xeno - Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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