Airborne 44 Winter Onder de Wapens – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Drama, War
Written by: Philippe Jarbinet
Illustrations: Philippe Jarbinet
Coloring: Philippe Jarbinet
Publisher: Casterman

Airborne 44 Winter Onder de Wapens – Comic Book Review

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In World War Two, the Ardennes were crucial in the battle against the Germans. That is why it is such an interesting setting for films and series. One of the most known series set over there is probably ‘Band of Brothers’, with Damian Lewis as Captain Winters. Nonetheless, Airborne 44 proves that it is not only an setting on the white screen, but in a comic book as well.


The Ardennes 1944. While the Germans feel that they will soon be defeated, they try everything they can to win the battle in Bastogne. The Allies do what they can to provide their men on the ground with food and ammunition. To do so, they send every spare airplane over there, but when Tessa has to make a forced landing behind enemy lines, some paratroopers are dropped in the hopes to get her back safely. Tom De Witt and Sebastian Leder lead the mission, but Tom gets discovered by a German, who shoots him in the head. Fortunately the German didn’t aim very well, and Tom survives. He wants to go back to his unit as soon as possible, but him and Sebastian get transferred to the second battalion of the 506th under captain Winters. There, deep in the woods, they will have to scout for Germans and report to the captain. In the meantime, they hope to still hear some news about Tessa, even though chances are getting slimmer by the day to ever see her alive again.

While Tom and Seb are fighting the Germans at the front, Tessa is alive and well, although captured by the Germans. When Tom and Seb find her deserted airplane, their hopes are up again, as she can’t be that far off. Maybe, just maybe, they will find her alive after all.

‘Winter Onder de Wapens’ is the second part in the two part story about Seb, Tom and Tessa. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to enjoy this issue just as well without having read the first one. This issue starts off with Tom being shot by the German, making it exciting from the start. After that, it keeps holding a steady pace. There are battles, as well as many scenes just between Tom and Seb, and there is also room for a smaller storyline about a farmer and his family who get captured by the Germans. All of this makes for an interesting mix that will never bore.

Philippe Jarbinet was responsible for the storyline, the illustrations and the coloring. The illustrations look a bit like watercolor, using softer colors, which make everything seem a bit muted and raw at the same time, suiting the topic very well. Jarbinet uses very thin lines to draw his characters, while the snowy backdrops are often colors fading into each other, providing a beautiful scenery. When the situation calls for it, he changes to a grey color scheme that adds even more rawness.


Airborne 44 Winter Onder de Wapens is set at the beginning of the end of the Second World War. Philippe Jarbinet made this issue all by himself, coming up with a scenario, as well as illustrations and coloring, which makes the whole issue look very put together. Certainly one of the better comic books out there about World War Two.

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Airborne 44 Winter Onder de Wapens - Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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