Albacete Warrior arrives on Steam Early Access

Albacete Warrior arrives on Steam Early Access

FAS3 and Gammera Nest are happy to announce their newest title, a game whose name is a reference to TV reality shows like American Ninja Warrior. Albacete Warrior is a beat ’em up game where you can even beat someone with a rubber chicken. In the small town of Albacete, a legend is born, an aspiring ninja needs help to fulfill an ancient prophecy and slap all those who come in his way. The game is a mix of jokes and sarcastic comments mixed in with inspiration from the 90s.

Key features include:

  • Enjoy a special blend of beat ‘em up and platformer game with a touch of Castilian culture.
  • Walk along 2.5D beautiful locations inspired by Albacete and its most famous events.
  • Defeat every living creature with Pepito to show them the power of a true Spanish ninja.
  • Be ready to fight some of the baddest guys of the world in fast-paced boss battles, who will try to kill Benito before he fulfills the prophecy.
  • Sometimes adventures are funnier if there’s a friend with you: enjoy a two-player cooperative mode where you can experience Benito’s odyssey, and shed gallons of pixelated blood.
  • Also, show your friend who’s the true Albacete Warrior in savage 1v1 combats with no limits or distractions — just you two unleashing your ninja powers.

The game can be picked up right now on Steam and is playable as both a single-player title or local co-op adventure with controller support.

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