Alcatel 1T 10 Smart 32GB WiFi 2020 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Alcatel
Publisher: Alcatel
Platform: Android 10

Alcatel 1T 10 Smart 32GB WiFi 2020 – Hardware Review

Good: Decent experience for its price
Bad: Not advised if you wish to run games on this one, Slow
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We haven’t had the chance just yet to dive into Alcatel’s portfolio. The brand, once being common in every household, has now faded somewhat to the background. Being a bit more budget-friendly in our modern society, the tech company has released a new version of their 1T 10 Smart tablet, directed towards family usage and children. As a gaming site, we can immediately tell you that the following tablet does not run heavier gaming apps, so if that is what you’re looking for we suggest you check out other tablets on the market. We were given the 2020 32GB model for the following test, which is not to be confused with the older version that bears the same name.


The new model of the 1T 10 looks quite nice actually. The tablet is very thin, has a subtle frame around the screen and the backside of the device also looks qualitative with the matte gridded print. Other than that, the tablet does not have any special features, save for two buttons on the side, and a small camera sticking out in the back.


In this department, there are not that many features to talk about. The tablet is slim and light, making it pleasant to work with. Other than that, there are no distinguishable comfort factors that make this one stand out from the competition.


  • Internal capacity if 32GB
  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Android 10
  • 2GB RAM
  • USB-C
  • 4080 mAh battery


We’ll dive right into the overview by saying there is nothing truly special about this tablet. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, depending on why you would consider buying this device. The 1T 10 Smart runs Android 10 smoothly and that is perfectly fine. We were able to install all the latest software we needed, but as mentioned above, this is not a gaming device. Heavier games such as Asphalt 9 will work, but with lots of frame-drops and toned down graphics. Lighter games run just fine, albeit with longer loading times. Apps for children will work decently.

As this is not a gaming tablet, it’s more directed toward family usage for standard browsing and watching several clips. This mainly includes items such as YouTube, Disney+ and Netflix of course. The screen quality is not superb, as you will only be able to view HD-Ready material, rather than enjoy full HD material. We reckon this is not the biggest issue for watching on the go, or for keeping your children occupied and entertained. While Disney+ and Netflix ran quite decently, YouTube had massive frame drops when running on 720p. We reckon that younger viewers care less about the quality of the clips, it would still be nice for the parents to enjoy proper footage.

The overall sound quality is okay at best when viewing movies, series or spoken clips. For music, it is a lot less impressive, as the voice tracks are very muddy and sometimes even barely audible. Again, that is to be expected from a budget-friendly device. A nice touch, however, is the addition of an actually classic 3.5mm audio port. This allows you to hook up a normal analog headset, which is often the better (and cheaper) choice for children.

Even though the tablet allows you to call your loved ones via video-calling services, the 2MP camera will not blow anyone out of the water. The camera is functional and that’s about it. A 2MP camera is something that might have impressed people back in 2001, but we feel it’s a bit dated to put in a device such as this. You also expect more when you actually see the lens sticking out in the back of the device.

As the device comes with a 4080 mAh battery, you can use the device for a reasonable amount of hours. It’s quite hard to put an actual timer on this, as it clearly depletes a lot quicker when downloading and installing items, than when you’re browsing or casually watching media.


Alcatel’s 1T 10 Smart 32GB tablet is a fun gadget for children and some small processes for family life. As the price clearly indicates, this is not a high-tech device and it will only be sufficient for your mails, some browsing and a bit of entertainment. The device itself is quite slow, and doesn’t give the best output. Nonetheless, for this price, you have a fairly disposable and qualitative tablet for a younger audience.

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Alcatel 1T 10 Smart 32GB WiFi 2020 - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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