Alex Senator #5 De Schreeuw van Cybele – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Valérie Mangin
Illustrations: Thierry Démarez
Coloring: Jean-Jacques Chagnaud
Publisher: Casterman

Alex Senator #5 De Schreeuw van Cybele – Comic Book Review

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Spinoffs and remakes seem to be a thing these days when it comes to movies, TV series or games, but also comic books are no exception. We already reviewed the fourth issue of Alex Senator, a spinoff of the original Alex comic book series, quite some time ago, and now also the fifth issue was released, which we’ll be discussing today.

Alex Senator 5 1

Alex’ sons Khephren and Titus have arrived at Pessinus, a small town in Asia Minor. Khephren has a special reason for being there, while Titus just came after him to save him from doing stupid things, but nonetheless, both arrived safe and sound. At Pessinus, the temple of Cybele is located, which is the reason Khephren embarked on his journey. He read in the Sibylline books that, if he manages to get inside the temple and see the goddess, he will be rewarded with power and eternity. The only people allowed in the temple are Galli though, servants of the goddess who gave up their manhood in quite a gruesome way.

While Khephren and Titus are looking around the temple square, a young woman is trying to steal from Khephren’s bag. He notices and lashes out, but when she tells the two brothers that she is only stealing because her older sister, who provided her food, is missing, Titus decides he wants to help her find out what happened to her sister. In return, she guides them around the city and the hills beyond.

As is probably already clear from the story we just told, this issue revolves around Alex’ sons, rather than Alex himself. Nonetheless, Alex doesn’t stay completely to the background, but it’s fun to see how other characters get their share of the story as well. The flow is quite consistent throughout the whole story, which means that it has a comfortable pace, that doesn’t really speed up or slow down. This might not be to everyone’s taste, but as the storyline is kept interesting by adding more than meets the eye, the constant pace didn’t bother us.

Alex Senator 5 2

This comic book is already part five of the Alex Senator series, but can nonetheless well be read on its own. Here and there you’ll notice that the story follows on the previous issues, but you’ll be able to enjoy it just as well on its own.

Thierry Démarez’ illustrations show a realistic looking city, bathing in sunlight and with beautiful blue skies. His landscapes are definitely an enjoyable thing to watch, while the faces of the characters often look just a tad off. Nonetheless, Jean-Jacques Chagnaud ties the illustrations and the storyline beautifully together, sometimes using an innocent looking color scheme, while at other times choosing more grim colors.


Alex Senator #5 De Schreeuw van Cybele treats us to a story that has Alex’ sons in the lead, rather than Alex himself. Nonetheless, you’ll be presented by an interesting storyline, even though there aren’t many changes to the pace. The illustrations look more beautiful in the landscapes than they do in portraits, yet all in all, they match the story quite well, making for a decent comic book for you to enjoy.

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Alex Senator #5 De Schreeuw van Cybele - Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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