Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Season 3: Lancer now available

Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Season 3: Lancer now available

Today, Cold Iron Studios and Focus Entertainment have released the latest content update for Aliens: Fireteam Elite with Season 3: Lancer. This content update is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC players, with the release on PlayStation 5 coming at a later date.

Season 3 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite launches with a brand-new playable class: The Lancer. This heavy class allows colonial Marines to blast through incoming Xenomorph hordes and improve their squad’s defensive efficiency with the ability to carry heavy weapons and fire them non-stop to deal a lot of damage to the enemy thanks to a unique perk that rewards your immobility with more firepower.

With this update, the new Presets feature is introduced that lets you easily switch between different loadouts on the fly without having to reassign cosmetics, consumables, weapons, or perks. You’ll have ten customizable presets available per weapon and class so you’ll be able to experiment with multiple loadouts and playstyles for any of the seven playable classes. By playing, you can also unlock four new weapons, fifteen new perks, new challenge cards, new cosmetics, and more in this free update.

Below, you can check out the trailer for Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Season 3: Lancer.

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