Alleen #9 Voor het Middernachtkind – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Vehlman
Illustrations: Gazzotti
Coloring: Usagi
Publisher: Dupuis

Alleen #9 Voor het Middernachtkind – Comic Book Review

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It has not been that long since Dupuis released a bundle with three different first albums of different series in it, namely ‘De Durvers’. In this collection we had the chance to read the first issue of Alleen, which proved to be a very intriguing series, revolving around children who found themselves all alone in the world. Everyone had vanished, except a select few, forcing them to forge an alliance in order to survive, fight the loneliness and perhaps find a way to bring everyone back. Today we present you with our opinion of the ninth issue, thus it’s possible some spoilers may be found in this review. That being said: don’t go in alone!


Ever since Dodji heard he might be the ‘midnight-child’, the herald of darkness, he is consumed by the idea that he might be the prelude of evil in their new world of purgatory. Thus he decides to go out, hoping to learn his purpose and perhaps his true calling. Of course, his friends would not let him go alone, albeit not everyone of the original cast is at his side. Nonetheless, after a small argument, Dodji leaves hoping to find answers, and this makes him bump into the ‘mad master’, a weird figure that seems to have supernatural powers, all while other foes are lurking to ambush Dodji and his friends.

In the meantime Camille and Anton stayed behind in Neosalem, tending to their own business. Anton is reading up on why their original group, and the other children they found scattered all over the world, ended up in purgatory to lead this strange and seemingly immortal life. Camille however received the offer to marry Saul, ‘the chosen one’. Whilst it’s clear she fancies Saul a lot, she noticed he has a very cold side to him she wishes to learn more about first.

A lot is going on in this story, as it’s the end of the second cycle in the Alleen series. Nonetheless, without spoiling anything, a lot of questions will rise when reading through this album, which is a hefty mix of action, conspiracy and a weird love story. You’ll have plenty of things to keep your eyes on.

Vehlman who came up with this very interesting series, still has a knack for writing an exciting, open ended, album. The entire issue is filled with one cliffhanger after another, keeping you on the edge of your seat at all times. A delight from start to finish, especially seeing many characters get their turn to add something to the story.

Illustrations were handled by Gazzotti in a very superb fashion. While many of the characters look cute and comical, the serious and detailed undertone makes the story a tad heavier, which suits the setting and storyline perfectly. The coloring by Usagi adds even more to the overall mood of the plot, due to the usage of bright and vibrant colors when needed, but also the necessary shading and darkness as an introduction to the many schemes and exciting events this series has to offer.


Alleen #9 Voor het Middernachtkind is a great addition to the series, but also a very exciting (open) ending for the second cycle of Alleen. This album will not only be filled with life threatening battles, but also very intriguing relationships and of course a weary band of children who are quite homesick after unraveling even more pieces of this very eerie dark puzzle. You’d truly never want to end up alone in this desolated purgatory.

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Rating: 9.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Alleen #9 Voor het Middernachtkind - Comic Book Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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